The winter scene might leave you under the weather for sometimes, and that’s when you need a weather medicine: You should pack your luggage and go to some place where the summer is eternal. Southeast Asia is home to a tropical climate and somewhere in this area, the sun always works hard all around the year.

Here are five great suggestions for winter get-away destination in Southeast Asia that could immediately lift you over the moon.

Kampot, Cambodia

Unlike what you expect, Kampot doesn’t have stunning beaches. But to make up for this loss, the town has a beautiful landscape of the riverside. The town also has the distinguished laid-back vibe and a nostalgic colonial building. It would not be the exciting, energetic holiday, but instead a very easy-loving and relaxing vibe.

Krabi, Thailand

Thailand is always number one destination springing to our mind when we think about a summer-vibe-packed trip. Out of all the incredible beaches around Thailand, Krabi is a favorite choice in the category of winter vacation. Lying to the South of Thailand, Krabi has the typical tropical landscape of heavenly beaches and dense jungle, soaring limestone, and mysterious caves. It is a must-do when traveling to Krabi to make an island-hopping tour. Among these islands,s Phi Phi is the most stunning, which would steal your heart at the very first sight.

Nha Trang, Vietnam

Nha Trang is one of the hottest destinations during the winter traveling season in Vietnam. People crowd to this town to enjoy the summer spirit which is unlikely to exist in the cold Northern part. Nha Trang is all about the summer: not only the landscape, it also owns the keen sense of sports activities. Besides, it has the great tourism service of the high-end side, which will ensure that you can get a fancy, authentic luxurious experience.

Thandwe, Myanmar

It is unlikely to think of Myanmar as a destination which would suit your summer spirit. The country is most famous for its rich culture with temples and pagodas on everywhere you go. But Thandwe, or more specifically, Ngapali beach would change your perspective about this. Ngapali has all the needed features of your dream beach holiday: the white sand, the palm tree, and emerald water. More than that, in Thandwe, you can still enjoy the rich culture and the local experience.

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