Kampot is a province in southern Cambodia. It is not a huge attraction when compared to the magnificent Angkor Wat or stunning beaches of Sihanoukville. However, the Kampot can still capture the hearts of travelers who have once set foot on the land. With the calm vibe, Kampot is the best option for anyone longing for a peaceful retreat to the countryside.

The most distinguished trait of Kampot is its slow and laid-back lifestyle, which is somewhat called “sleepiness.” Nevertheless, it is believed to be an essential element contributed to the irresistible charm of Kampot.

Kampot also steals the hearts of travelers with its impressive and alluring nature. Running around the Elephant Mountains, Kampot River is the highlight of the regional natural scenery. It is the favorite destinations for tourists to swim, stroll and relax while watching the spectacular sunset on the horizon.

Some part of the river is the hub for enthusiastic sports activities like kayaking, paddle boarding, and swimming. There are some guesthouses and hostels nearby; therefore, you can also enjoy a tranquil and serene night near the river.

To the center of Kampot, you can adore the architecture of this town. Even not being something spectacular, the building in Kampot with the fusion of French yellow colonial structure and Chinese details and vibrant colors are fascinating enough to keep you awe-inspiring.

If you are getting enough of the life within the town, one great thing about Kampot is that you can easily make an escape to the countryside. It just takes minutes to get out of the town and arrive at the countryside. Outside the town, you can see the picture of a typical rural lifestyle: wooden stilted houses, dirt roads, paddies field, buffalos, and farmworkers. You can travel outside the town by tuk-tuk or motorbike.

The favorable weather enables people to cultivate and do agriculture. Kampot is dubbed as the land of fruits and pepper. Pepper produced in Kampot is believed to be one of the best pepper in the world. You might read how people in Kampot take pride in their fruit production through the sight of the iconic durian statue placed at the center of the town.

Salt is also a well-known product of Kampot. Visiting the salt field or pepper farm is a worth-trying experience.

It takes a 30-minute boat ride to arrive the Rabbit Island, an off-coast part of Kampot, with a beautiful beach and crystal water where you can lazily lying on the sand or swinging on a hammock.

Kampot is an underrated destination. It would give you one of the most tranquil and peaceful moments of your trip to Cambodia. With these suggestions, you will find the best way to explore the wonderful nature and the local cultural life of Cambodia.