There is a fact about travel that a lot of people tell you how enchanting this country is but they hardly share you how regretful they are when leaving here. A wonderful destination is not really shown via visitors’ good comments on it but their great nostalgia for their travel there. Vietnam is a wonderful destination for travelers due to… The mixed feeling of intense hatred ever toward war and great compassion for war victims awaken in you within your visit to the Tiger Cage, a prison of Con Dao Tiger Cages is a notorious prison built by French during their invasion in Indochina, particularly in Vietnam in order to arrest nearly 2000 Vietnamese political prisoners. In this prison, not only inmates were forced to work hard did they suffer cruel unusual tortures. When the Vietnam War broke out, this place was run by American and captives of this war were kept in cages like those for tiger holding. That’s why this “Tiger Cages” is a stark reminder of the horror war. The unique feeling of satisfaction when savoring first spoons of Vietnamese egg coffee… Egg coffee is a unique and special kind of Vietnamese coffee, which is a harmonious combination between egg and coffee, like its name. There is an amazing story about this coffee’s origin that in 1946, milk is extremely scarce in Vietnam, so a bartender named Giang, on the process of preparing coffee, replaced milk by egg because of the shortage of milk. It luckily created a great unique coffee you cannot find in any other countries but Vietnam. Egg yolk whipped with condensed milk into an airy froth meet dark coffee in concoction like creamy liquid tiramisu. At the bottom of the coffee cup, people still get the sense of big appetite. Find more Vietnamese coffee here The peace of mind within the trip in Hoi An… Hoi An, an ancient town nicely situated down a river on the coastal plain of Quang Nam province, easily steal the visitors’ heart with its peaceful atmosphere. Travel to this town, guests can see various imagine – concentrated sights in Vietnam with its old streets bodered with ancient houses and assembly halls, pagodas, temples, ancient wells and tombs. Hoi An’s architecture is symbolic of a perfect combination among that of Vietnamese, Chinese and Japanese. The calm atmosphere here can challenge a world rapid of change. The feeling of happiness when receiving hearty smile of Vietnamese people… Not everytime but it’s not hard for you to see Vietnamese’s smile. Because Vietnam is a high-context cultural country, so Vietnamese highly appreciates the harmony among people and they always want to maintain good relationships with others including foreigners, even American. That’s why you can easily catch up Vietnamese’s hearty smile, which can make your day, and make your Vietnamese vacations. ^^


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