Dalat, one of the best town in Vietnam, is the dubbed as “the city of thousand flowers.” And only when you came to this town during the last month of the year do you truly understand why Dalat gets that name.

December is a wonderful time of nature. The last month of the year is the blooming time of many plants. Among them are five best and most incredible one which could leave you speechless with their extraordinary beauty.


Sunflower is one of the gorgeous flowers on this earth. If you are in love with the bright yellow and its lovely petals, you should definitely visit the sunflower field in Dalat. Located in Van Hoa Bong Lai Village, the field is a property owned by Dalatmilk – a local milk farm. During sunflower blooming season, the farm would open for visitors to come without any entering fee.


The flower is popular in some countries in Asia. The flower has been adapted successfully in Dalat and soon became one of the hottest attractions of this town. In December, people come to Dalat to with the sole purpose to witness violet fields of small snow-like balls of hydrangea flower. Among the visitors, there are many couples and new-weds who come for their special photoshoot. You can see hydrangea flowers in Lac Duong District, which is about 15 kilometers away from the town center. To get there, you can follow the 723 Route which runs from Dalat to Nha Trang. The hydrangea farm is located along this route.

Pink Grass Hill

Hills covered by the pink glass are also heart-stealer of Dalat. The pinky glass is the common name for hairawn muhly. It has become such a huge attraction of the Dalat recently that there is a local festival to celebrate the blooming season of pink grass hills. Golden Stream (Suối Vàng), Trại Mát, or Thái Phiên Village are some places where you can see the romantic pink glass hills.

Buckwheat flowers

In the Northern part of Vietnam, Ha Giang is well-known for having the most beautiful and charming buckwheat flower fields. Here in the South, Da lat’s buckwheat flower field is not at all shadowed.

White winter cress

This flower has also created crave for many people. The white and cloud-like winter cress field creates breathtaking heaven-like scenery. You can visit the white winter cress in Tu Tra or Đơn Dương.

With such a stunning landscape, there is no wonder why Dalat is one of the best destinations of the winter holiday in Vietnam.