If you are into the rustic vibe of the small town, Battambang should be on your itinerary when you’re having a trip to Cambodia.

The city is the second largest city in Cambodia, just after Siem Riep and Phnom Penh. Battambang will offer you the experience of the true Cambodia life.

Here are some suggestions for you to do on your trip to Battambang:

One of the unique experiences that you can only have when traveling to this city is getting on a bamboo train. The bamboo train is basically a platform made from bamboo strolling on the railway. Just imagine being on a roofless train and enjoy the open scenery of the countryside.

Phnom Sampeou is 12-kilometer away from the center of Battambang. The mountain is home to Wat Sampeou – a pagoda complex sitting on the top. From the pagoda, you can have the horizontal view of Battambang.

At dusk, you can go back to the base and watch for the stunning view of million bats pouring out for their night hunting.

Any trip to Cambodia would not be completed without a visit to a Khmer temple. In this case, it would be a miss if you could not visit Prasat Banan. The temple is century-year-old. There are also cave around the temple site.

The town of Battambang also features a strong influence of French architecture. One of the highly recommended activities in Battambang is to explore the architecture of its. There are a lot of day tours on offering the venture into this city’s beautiful world of building.

According to experienced travelers to Battambang, the best way to navigate the city is by bike. It is the easiest way to discover the countryside of Battambang. Riding through the green paddle field and dusty road, passing through small monasteries lurking in the village, you can explore and get closer to the local’s life, the rural scenery as well as the nature Cambodia’s countryside. Besides, you can also enjoy the cruise along the river to fully enjoy the idly vibe of the town.


Mrs. Bun Roeung’s Ancient House is a perfect option for accommodation while traveling to Battambang. Mrs. Bun Roeung’s house is a stilted house surrounded by the green garden of palm tree and orchards. The house is decorated with many artifacts. The place will offer an educating trip about Cambodia lifestyle.

Visiting the night market is always the popular option for the trip to anywhere. In Battambang, you can shop in Psa Nath or the night market on the riverfront. They are a good place to explore the local street foods and souvenirs.

With these suggestions, you will have a wonderful vocation to Battambang and have new and unique traveling experiences.

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