One of the travel must-do list is to collect things and bring home a souvenir particular for the place you have visited. Use it as a testimony to show and boast about your lovely time traveling around. Or simply a special gift to your friends and acquaintances. Vietnam is a haven of cheap crafts and souvenirs that would not make up any hole in your pocket. Here is the list of 10 suggestion of souvenir to buy on your holiday in Vietnam.

1. Ao Dai

Ao Dai is traditional custom of Vietnamese. Mainly dressed by women, however, ao dai is also tailored for man. Hoi An is one famous factory of affordable tailor-made ao dai. In Hanoi, there are some famous stores that you could hunt for a lovely ao dai.

2. Conical hat

Made from bamboo cataphylls, non la is one of the significant symbol of Vietnam. Used by Vietnamese for centuries, non la is now still of one the most-use and essential accessory for Vietnamese people, especially in the countryside. You can purchase non la from souvenir shop located around the old quarter. Non la is modified and shaped into smaller size which could not be worn but decorate your home.

3. Hand-embroidery

Work of embroidery in Vietnam is particularly sophisticated, intricate and fine. It is literally piece of art. Image portrayed in these pieces are usually natural scenery or of birds, butterflies and flower.

You can also make request and send out your idea to embroidery artist to customize your pieces.

Here are reliable places from which you can get a high quality and fine piece.

4. Bamboo Dragonfly

You can see it at any souvenir shop. It is really amusing to see this dragonfly standing balance on the top of your finger or basically everything. Believe or not that simple piece of bamboo can actually stay balance even on the tip of a ballpoint pen. It is utterly cool. It would make a surprising gift for your friends and family.

5. Đông Hồ Painting

Đông Hô is a famous village which is famous for its traditional art of making mass painting. Its unique way of making paint together with the use of giay gio – a traditional paper of Vietnam has been combine with beautiful and symbolic drawing to make an original painting.

You can go directly to Dong Ho village – the home of national-famous tranh Dong Ho to purchase this with incredibly good price and to watch the whole process of making Dong Ho painting. It is located just about 35 kilometers from Hanoi.

6. Guoc Moc

Vietnam is not the only country to wear guoc moc – the wooden clog. However, Vietnamese wooden clog is still original and unique. It might look uncomfortable to wear a piece of wood on your feet until you actually wear it. It would give you a unique and stylish look. What’s more, you can’t escape from falling for the funny sound it make when you walk.

7. Water puppet

If you want to bring home some piece of sculpture to decorate your room, water puppet is the best choice for you. It is original and full of the cultural value. Every water puppet has an amazingly cheerful and colorful face that would bring up your good mood.

8. Silk

Silk is always on the top of the suggestion for buying souvenirs. It is always a high-end product with particularly steep price, however, in Vietnam you can find a very good price for a high-qualified piece of fabrics with radiant color.

Van Phuc, Ha Dong are two traditional craft villages which are well-known for producing top-quality and beautiful pieces of silk. You can look for authentic Van Phuc and Ha Dong silk right from their original place. They are all located close to Hanoi.

With the eight suggestions above, you can easily choose your favorites to bring home. It will be a good reminder of your wonderful vocation in Vietnam.