When planning a trip through Southeast Asia’s top tourist destinations, you mainly need to wear light, comfortable clothes – Photo: travelzoo

Countries in Southeast Asia usually have only two rainy and sunny seasons. So, in general, you don’t need to bring too many things when you travel here.

When planning a trip through Southeast Asia’s top tourist destinations, you mainly need to wear light, comfortable clothes. Also, pay attention to the local culture – bring long pants and discreet clothes if you want to visit Buddhist temples, mosques or Christian churches.

Everything else depends on where and when you go.

In April and May, the weather in most Southeast Asian countries tends to be hot and dry. From late May to October is the time of the coming monsoon and the climate is extremely wet. From November to February, rains gave way to cold winds blowing from the north.

Find out about the local weather of the destination to have the most perfect preparation.

Traveling in Southeast Asia, you don’t need to bring clothes too warm because this is a humid tropics. Instead, wearing waterproof sandals, raincoat and umbrella.

If your trip falls in the summer months, don’t forget to bring sunglasses, sunscreen and a hat to avoid sunstroke or sunburn. Wear light cotton clothes, sandals and flip-flops.

Also, if you are near the city, you can absolutely visit shops or supermarkets to buy clothes at very cheap prices, instead of having to carry too much in your luggage. However, if you are too tall or your body measurements are too big, bring your own clothes because most of the costumes in Southeast Asia are for people with small and medium bodies.

In the cool months, you can bring some warm clothes to the mountains or highlands.

Cities in Southeast Asia are often very hot. Therefore, cotton clothes are the most suitable choice for visitors.

For important travel papers and documents, copy your passport, driver’s license, airline tickets and traveler’s checks into three copies, kept in three different locations. In this way, if you miss a copy, you still have other copies.

Keep the original in a safe place like in a hotel safe. In addition, you can scan these documents and save them in usb or send mail yourself to print out if necessary.

Pharmacies in urban areas have most of the necessary tools such as shower gel, sunscreen, anti-bacterial hand gel, paper towels, deodorants, roasted brushes, toothpaste and shampoo. Here, you can also buy sunscreen and mosquito repellent.

However, for prescription drugs, you should bring your own medication and bring a copy of the prescription.

Electrical systems in most Southeast Asian countries use different voltages. So, you should bring the adapter if your electronic device is not compatible with the voltage in this area.

In addition, you can carry a folded backpack in your luggage. This type of backpack does not take place and will be very helpful if you need to use it during the trip.