What do you know about the country of millions of elephants, people, culture and landscapes here? If you love this country, then hurry to wear your backpack and go to the beautiful country of Laos.

The national religion of Laos chosen is Buddhism, where more than 60% of the population follows Theravada Buddhism. This religion was introduced in Laos towards the end of the 13th century, growing very slowly, but in the 17th century, the country recognized Buddhism as a national religion, since then it has grown enormously in areas such as education.

Laos has a great culture influenced by Buddhism and the temples are unique and respected by the people. The Pha That Luang temple is one of the temples of the Laotian culture with typical architecture and very beautiful.

Pha That Luang means Great Tour in the local language. It is one of the most important vestiges of Vientiane (Laos). This Buddhist temple was built in 1566 as a gold wine vinegar.

Pha That Luang has a unique architecture with the largest and most beautiful tower in Laos.

The architecture of the building includes many references to Lao culture and identity, and so has become a symbol of Lao nationalism.

The stupa today consists of three levels, each conveying a reflection of part of the Buddhist doctrine. The first level is 223 feet (67 metres) by 226 feet (68 metres); the second is 157 feet (47 metres) along each side; and the third level is 98 feet (29 metres) along each side. From ground to pinnacle, the Pha That Luang is 147.6 feet (44 metres) high.

The area around Pha That Luang is now gated, to keep traffic out. Previously visitors could drive around the whole complex. The encircling walls are roughly 279 feet (85 metres) long on each side and contain a large number of Lao and Khmer sculptures including one of Jayavarman VII.

The ancient records of the temple report that: After Buddhism became the National Guard and Vientiane is the new capital, with the construction of the citadel, castle, palace, pagoda, The King renovated the That That Pha Luang. They have built a new temple, more beautiful and the architecture remains to this day.

The Buddhist temple of Pha That Luang, known as one of the most famous temples in the world, attracts many tourists each year seeking pilgrimages and visits.