The U Bien Bridge own the most memorable landscapes in Myanmar. If you do research about Myanmar, the chances are you will be impressed by the gorgeous pictures of the long wooden teak footbridge and desperately want to go there.

Built in 1800, U Bein is one of the most iconic images of Myanmar as well as Mandalay. The 1.2-kilometer long bridge crosses the Tayngthman Lake. It is the longest teak footbridge in the world. With the unique structure and a long history, it is deserved to be one of the most stunning bridges in the world.

Behind this gorgeous bridge is an interesting story of construction. The material used to build this bridge was originally a part of a palace. After being abandoned, the wood pillars were recycled to create this brilliant bridge and it endures until now.

The bridge is served as a tourist attraction. More than that, it has been an important part of the locals’ life, and still an important transportation junction.

Everyone must agree that the best time to see this bridge is during the sunset. On the isolated water, the bridge with its elegant shape stands out in the last dimming light of the day. The gorgeous sun reflects its light into the serene water. It is really spectacular to see all of this.

Around the year, the lake doesn’t always be its best self. During the low-water-level period, the scene might be less striking and fall to meet your expectation. It is actually the time during July and August that the bridge reaches its peak beauty.

You can stroll along the bridge and enjoy the absolutely magnificent scenery. Or you can also choose to take a boat trip to take impressive pictures of the bridge. In the high season, it might be hard to catch a boat during the sunset time, so you have better arrive earlier. Boats usually embark near the car park; they are also available in the middle of the bridge.