Visitors like to get lost in the ancient village space when experiencing 200-year-old craft village in Thu Sy commune, Tien Lu district, Hung Yen province.

Every day, the craft village is always full of laughter of these local people.

Finished products made from bamboo are a kind of old fishing gear, they are now popular in fine art or interior decoration.

Thu Sy commune has about 500 people doing traditional jobs, concentrating in two villages of Tat Vien and Noi Lang.

Photographer Nguyen Tan Tuan (Ho Chi Minh City) has the opportunity to experience Thu Sy craft village, learn about this village in Mr. Luong Son Bac’s family in Tat Vien village, who has devoted his whole life to the profession.

Mr. Bac said the workers had to choose old bamboo to make them durable and beautiful. Technology is considered a feat, requires dexterity and coordination of many stages.

After making ready materials, the bamboo. In the process of creating the product, the easiest part is making the frame, the most difficult is the ending stage.

Products are oval, pointed tail, small round mouth. A skilled mechanic who finished it took about 60 minutes. After that, the unit is smoked in the kitchen to increase the durability of the product.

Located 7 km from Hung Yen city by car, Thu Sy village is always bustling day by day, not only becoming an interesting village tourist destination but also a destination for domestic and foreign photographers. .

Mr.Luong Son Bac dedicated to this traditional job, still pedaling the bike daily with products to sell.

The products on the bike radiate like a giant flower among the field of yellow mustard flowers. This scence creates a picture of the peaceful village of Thu Sy.