Cambodia attracts tourists not only with the one and only Angkor Wat but also with its abundance of marvelous tropical islands. Koh Rong or Kep are among the most established beach tour destinations; however, recently, Cambodia continues to show their great potential by introducing more enchanting new attractions for beach vacations. Song Saa – the island of love – is the new rising beach destination star.

Song Saa is private island. Song Saa means lovers in Cambodian. The island is actually two twin islands sitting close to each other.

An Australian couple – Rory and Melita Hunter – visited the island during their honeymoon. And they saw the potential of this charming island. With a vision to protect and develop a sustainable top-notch tourism spot, they decided to invest into turning this island into a luxurious resort.

The model of Song Saa has enabled the island to develop their economic potential but without losing its primitive nature and tranquil atmosphere.

It is also the number one choice for couples on their honeymoon vacation in Vietnam. With a reclusive and absolute serene beach, the newly-wed could have their privacy to enjoy their honeymoon.

The resort will indulge you with the uttermost comfort: they take care of your vocation from A to Z. Just right when you step on Sihanoukville, you will be picked up and boarded a ferry to Song Saa.

There are two options available: You can either live in a beach bungalow or a jungle-based villa. The design of the resort is inspired by the local culture. Song Saa Resort never falls short of luxury services.

Moreover, they also offer cultural tours exploring the local life as well as other activities for resort’s guests, for example, shore excursions, kayaking, snorkeling, reef-seeing and so on.

Tourists are given the most optimal opportunities to focus on relishing your love and appreciate the enchantment of nature. From dust to down, you will never miss a moment of spectacular scene descending on this little island.

Song Saa is just literally the realization of everyone’s dream vacation.