As one of the new appealing travel destination, Vietnam becomes a hot spot which draws millions of visitors every year. With such rapid raising of tourism, Vietnamese domestic airline market is soaring as well.

From the starting point, Vietnamese airline is limited with just one brand – it was the public-own business of Vietnam Airline. However, in the recent year, the market of flight become more dynamic with the appearance of many other brands like Vietjet Airline or Jetstar Airline. It might expose passengers to a new question: which brand is the most suitable for me?

On this post, we will explore the strength and weakness of each airline brand to get the right answer for you.

Vietnam Airline

Vietnam Airline is a long-standing name, which once has the full power over the entire air-transport market. In the new context of a more competitive environment, it still manages to retain the number one position with a high quality of services.

Price of Vietnam Airline ticket is more expensive than other brands. However, the price pays the quality of service guests could get. Flight provided by Vietnam Airline has a low rate of delaying, which more frequently happens to other airlines in Vietnam. Besides, customers of Vietnam Airline also enjoy a larger amount of allowed weight luggage – 20 kilogram for each ticket-holder and complimentary meal and dessert.

By far, the flight of Vietnam Airline has expanded to most part of the world. They also access the biggest number of domestic routes. In some cases, the only option for you is Vietnam Airline, because they are the only one to provide the flight for some certain route.

Vietnam Airline is most suitable customers with a higher demand and no stress on a limited budget.

In the section of low-cost airline, there are two other newly-established airlines, VietJet and Jetstar Pacific. As a low-cost airline, VietJet and JetStar has to cut off some benefit for passengers like a complimentary meal and smaller amount of luggage allowed. They only accept the maximum weight of 7-kilogram-weight for each passenger’s luggage. For excessive weight, you have to pay for it.

JetStar Pacific

Jetstar is believed to offer the cheapest flight price among three big names. It also runs a lot of promoting price and discount, which will help travelers to save quite an amount of money for other expense for their vacation in Vietnam.

However, you also have to prepare yourself to deal with flight-delaying, because it happens, very frequently. If you have an important appointment, you have better stay away from the low-cost airlines. You don’t know what the future holds.

VietJet Airline

Jetstar’s biggest rival in the category of low-cost flight is Vietjet. With a cheap price, frequent discount and promotion, VietJet has built a firm position in the domestic flight. Even not having such cheap price as Jetstar, VietJet is better at avoiding delayed flight.

According to your priority and needs, you could find the most suitable flight with the suggestion above.


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