1. Sapa – immense love
Sapa is the best choice for the honeymoon couples. With the cool climate around year, the cold of the mountains, the clouds make people want to get closer together.

Travel to Sapa tourist have many choice for beautiful hotels from ancient to modern for you to choose. If you’re just in the hot, up to here, you’ll feel the cold of Sapa as sweet candy makes people just want to inhale forever. A thin coat, a warm hand, you and the lover can walk down the streets to visit , go shopping , and immersed in the Love Market on Saturday. Visit the french villa, to go love waterfall – is considered the most beautiful landscape of the northern Vietnam  or to  visit the ethnic people to learn about their unique culture. Sapa is known as the most romantic destination for the love in Vietnam.

2. Da Lat – a little Paris in southern Vietnam
Love paradise in northern  is Sapa , also in southern is  Dalat. Two locations have similarities that are located in the high, and cool climate throughout the year. But Dalat seems more vibrant, more colorful than Sapa  because it is known as the city of “Eternal Spring”. Destinations in Dalat also makes us passionate with the love . Da Lat night is quite busy with lots of activities around the markets and cafes around the Xuan Huong Lake. There are plenty of romantic destinations for couples.
3. Cruise on Ha Long Bay
Natural wonders of the new world – Ha Long Bay is famous for its great beauty. A few years ago, overnighting on the yacht on the bay has become very popular. It is the choice of many tourists to Ha Long Bay.
Halong night is so beautiful, especially on a full-moon night. The bright moon lights shining down . The landscape is extremely poetic and romantic.

4. Ba Na Mount – the love from the loneliness
Ba Na Mountain (Da Nang) is compared to Sapa or Dalat in the Central. Compared with the above two locations, this is a quite new resort. At a height of nearly 1,500 meters above sea level,and  4 seasons climate in the day, about a hundred years ago, Ba Na has become a great tourist destination for tourists, who want to enjoy both fastidious and passionate of the sun in the summer and the cold mist of the autumn and the winter in a short holiday.
5. Mui Ne Resort (Phan Thiet)
From a wild headland, where fishermen avoid the storm, Mui Ne becomes “capital” of the resorts. It has more than 40 large and small resorts with prices ranging from luxury to budget, to suit to every tourist objects. Room rates at this resort in the range from 400-600 thousand / night to about 4 millions / night.
In Mui Ne, sea is considered to be purified. Sea water is clear as eyes, white sand is smooth as the skin of the girls.