Vang Vieng is a small town located on the riverside of Nam Song. It is also blessed with wonderful scenery of not only the tranquil and romantic Nam Song but also the imposing and sublime beauty of mountains and the endless greenery paddle fields. Even though being one of the most attractive destinations of Laos, this small town still remains a peaceful and laid-back countryside. That is why people fall for Vang Vieng every single time they travel here.

Vang Vieng is not busy and tourism-developed as the capital of Luang Prabang. Therefore, the cost traveling to Vang Vieng is cheaper than usual. It is a very ideally cheap destination for visitors with a limited budget, in which you can still enjoy every activity with a reasonable price. On the other side, you could not expect to see luxurious resorts or hotels. That is the great point because we don’t need to be luxurious in such place, moreover, we will feel grateful because that fact keeps this town being simply and close.

The most charming feature of this riverside town is its adoring and picturesque scenery. With the river and mountain blending into each other, it creates a heavenly and captivating landscape. People in Vang Vieng live harmoniously with nature. Children have fun with the river, a herd of cows wanders in every road, people roll along the river in their slim boats. All of these make it one of the best destinations for a holiday in Indochina.

What to do in Vang Vien

Besides the beautiful scenery which you will never be tired of watching, Vang Vien also offers many exciting activities for you. Vang Vien is peaceful but not dull at all with all of these activities.

Tubing is one of the highlight activities in Vang Vien. Tubing is simply letting your body floating on the water surface with the help of buoy. The most interesting part is that you can see the lovely town from the distance while being immersed in the cool water and enjoying the fresh air.

Besides, you can also try more exciting activities like kayaking, bungee jumping or trekking and hiking. Vang Vieng can afford for all of these thrilling activities with its generous nature.

You can also try an air-balloon flight into the sky to get the view of Vang Vien’s wonderful nature from up above the sky.

Watching the sunset in Vang Vieng is a must. It is the moment when Vang Vieng expose all of its charm and beauty. I would be a pity if you could not get a taste of the sundown.

Another highly recommended activity for travelers is bicycling along the riverside of Nam Long and venture into the further land of river-bank villages and caves.

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