Life in Vietnam is unusual, unique and fascinating. The thrill of being to a new country is about being aware of unusual things people do in that countries. It would make a perfect material for your small talk and make your story more attractive and interesting with exciting cultural lessons about Vietnam.

  1. Motorbikes piled with stuff

The main and the most favored transportation in Vietnam is motorbike or scooter. Small as those scooters are, it could become an effective tool for carrying things. There is actually a law which bans on piling stuff on scooters, but everyone knows that Vietnamese are super flexible and cool with rules, that is why you can sometimes catch the sight of these legendary scooters. Seeing these, you will nothing is impossible, at least in Vietnam.

  1. Sidewalk drinking and eating place

From the past, people are that flexible on where to eat. It is the pavement where rumor spread their wings. The flexibility once shows up. It is easy to set up a sidewalk store, people just need a chair and they could eat and drink and gossip till the world ends. In Saigon, they don’t even need a chair, just a newspaper page is enough. And it is also legally banned. However, the law could never stop people from maintaining their life-earning. It is also a great place to discover the famous Vietnamese street-food.

  1. Dieu cay (Tobacco Bong)

This is a Vietnamese version of cigarette. But it is much stronger, which could definitely hit you to the ground by the feeling of dizziness on the very first try. A newcomer should be aware of this, no matter how hard your smoking routine is, don’t let local pull you into this smoking party. Smoking dieu cay make an interesting and funny sound effects.

  1. Women with sunlight-phobia

Vietnamese female worships a white and pale skin. They do anything possible to prevent the sunlight to hit the surface of their skins. Going out to the streets, you could barely tell whom from whom because they all agree on the same sunlight-proof dress-code. Their sun-coat is nothing of fashion or style, it is a complete mess. But girls don’t mind it. They could dress up like having a ball but they do not bother hiding their well-prepared looks from being admired by strangers on the road. And the sun, of course.

With the well-covered appearance, they are dubbed with the name “ninja.”

  1. Pajamas style

Along with the sun coat dressing, women in Vietnam could also acquire a quite different taste for matching floral pattern clothing. For many foreigners, it looks like nothing but pajamas. Well, actually it is not pajamas, pajamas are western-rooted clothes. Vietnamese women just have a good time wearing loosing and comfy clothes. These are particularly popular among old or mid-aged lady who don’t give a damn about fashion or style but their own pleasing feelings.

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