Nha Trang owns lots of beautiful white sand beaches, mighty coral reefs, rare marine species and especially the Salangane Bird islands.
Salangane Bird Island is not the name for one island, it’s called for the islands which have Salangane Bird. But in the nine 
Salangane Bird islands in Nha Trang, Hon Noi (Inside Island) and Hon Ngoai (Outside Island) have more Salangane Birds than the others. Hon Noi Island is located inside, Hon Ngoai is on the outside. Yen bird – Salangane Bird is only one of the birds that are not nesting by straw waste.

Trip code:       VST07
Tour Routes:   Nha Trang city – Salangane Bird – Nha Trang city
Trip type:        Private package
Trip starting:   Pickup from hotel in Nha Trang city
Trip Ending:    Drop off at the hotel Nha Trang city
Trip duration:  01 day
Trip grade:      Easy to Moderate
Interesting points: Salangane Bird
Commencement date: not fixed
Accommodation rate: Hotel
Group size:     1 to 12 pax

Brief Itinerary
Beautiful full day tour to Salangane Bird Island



Based on This tour was very exciting tour. My family had chance to explore Salangane birds which I had never known before. Tour guide was very knowledgeable and enthusiastic. Great! Reviews
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