Besides your exciting culture exploration, we recommend you to dine in one of the local restaurants. You will not only taste the delectable dishes in Vietnam but also act like a local people. Here is our list of the top restaurants to dine in Hoian, and they don’t have to be a luxurious one in your trip in Vietnam either.
1. Restaurant & Cafe Tuan
Known as a nice and clean dining location in town, this restaurant is always filled with foreign travelers. Like many other places, Restaurant & Cafe Tuan offer a wide range of foods including foreign and local one. A lot of tourists choose to sit down and enjoy their pizza and pasta, while many select a unique Vietnamese food in the menu that they have never tried before. Both choices are excellent and you will have great time being serve by friendly staffs. The only downside is that this restaurant is not in the center of the ancient town, but that is not a problem at all.
2. Herbs And Spices Restaurant
Want a unique experience? Visit Herbs and Spices Restaurant and you will have a chance to hearn the beauty of Vietnamese cooking style. The chef offers an A La Carte with many iconic dishes in the country, like rolled prawns, grilled duck or Tra Que Salad. The Restaurant aims to bring Vietnam’s cuisine to all diners with their knowledge, passion and fresh ingredients in the region.
If that is still not impressive enough, check out their authentic cooking class. There are different classes for small group size available with a good selection of foods. Here, you will have an unforgettable time with your gorups and enjoy the very dish that you just make. The restaurant will also let visitors go shopping with the staffs with only $1.5 fee.
3. Mix Restaurant
Mix Restaurant is, without a doubt, one of the best dining location in Hoian, offering what other contenders don’t have: authentic Greek cruisine. And much to the surprise of foreigns guests, this is no mundane fusion between Vietnamese ingredients and Greek foods. A number of Greek foods. A number of Greek even think this is on par with the food in their homeland if not better.
What’s more? Their staffs even have a uniform that blend with the old French colonial design in the restaurant. Nothing can beat a large proportion of delicious seafood adding with great service.
4. Nhan’s Kitchen
Situated on Tran Nhan Tong Street, Nhan’s Kitchen is a small and cozy restaurant that is enjoyed by many tourists. This belongs by Nhan’s family and he hopes to bring his savory dishes to all people in the world, especially the well-known pizza in the restaurant. Nhan and his family’s dedication and friendliness have been shown in creating fantastic foods for the diners and carefully check the quality of their meal.
You can find both Vietnamese and Italian cuisine here, and you will not feel disappointed.
5. Kumquat BBQ Restaurant
Venturing in Tra Que Village, you will have a total escape from the busy modern life and enjoy of fun day of gardening with local people. However, if you visit Tra Que by any chance, do not forget to try the foods in Kumquat BBQ for once. This is an extremely interesting location in the list since it is located in the countryside and all the ingredients taken from the nearby garden. Run by local family, the restaurant offers special Vietnamese cuisine in an A La Carte menu with plenty BBQ choices.
In Kumquat restaurant, you can also book a cooking class like Herbs and Spices Restaurant. Although the menu is not as varied, the restaurant features private class for 2 people and it is always nice to venture around a local market to buy ingredients.
6. Baba’s Kitchen
Indians will be glad to know that Baba’s Kitchn provides the best India’s foods in the ancient town. Even if you have no experience trying Indian cuisine, this will beyour perfect opportunity. Taste the delectable curry and you will be taken to a new culinary world. The price is reasonable for such wonderful cuisine and professsional staffs. For those who cannot handle spicy food, ask the waiter/waitress to make the food less spicy or your experience will definitely be ruin.
Another great thing from Baba’s Kitchen is that they provide a customized event for special occasions, so do not hesitate to contact them.
7. Samurai Kitchen
For a long time in the past, Vietnamese, Chinese, and Japanese were all occupied in Hoian as it was a port in the central of Vietnam. This created a combinational of multiple cultures, customs, architecture styles and certainly cuisines. Today, Samurai Kitchen represents that harmony with their superb Japanese dishes. It is a really nice touch when entering a Vietnamese building just to find Japan’s decor.
Almost all the foods here are originated from the Land of the Rising Sun made by an experienced Japanese chef. Unfortunately, no sushi and sashimi available at the moment and there are not many tables, so make a reservation is a must upon arrival.