Most of Laos territory is covered by forest and its government has established around 20 national parks all around the country. It comes as no surprise that Laos owns one of the most impressive national parks in the region. Here are our picks for top 4 national parks in Laos.

Bokeo Nature Reserve

Bokeo Nature Reserve covers a 123,000-hectare area of jungle. The Gibbon Experience is the only tourism provider which is assigned by the government to give tourism services in this national park. In Bokeo Nature Reserve, you can have the unique experiences living on tree houses within the dense jungle. The only way for you to get to these houses is by zip line, not to mention that you also have to trek for an hour through the jungle. The whole adventure is no joking; however, you can be rewarded with valuable experience with nature.

Dong Phou Vieng National Protected Area

This national park is home to great habitats for fauna and flora. Besides the significant natural scenery, it is also the home to Katang people – an ethnic group who have lived in this jungle and separated from the modern world and retains its original culture.

Phou Khao Khouay National Park

Located 40 kilometers to the northeast of Vientiane, this park will give you a wonderful travel experience. Owned a diverse landscape, from jungle to pine forests, waterfalls, and river, Phou Khao Khouay is an exciting place for a great adventure to nature. Tad Leuk and Tad Xay are the two impressive waterfalls located in the national park. On the way to discover the jungle, you can still spend some time on Ban Ha Khai – a small and peaceful village near Phou Khao Khouay – to enjoy the rural life on a far-away land.

Nam Ha National Protected Area

Nam Ha is the first natural park in Laos and also the second largest one in term of size. It has been one of the most important ecotourism destinations in Laos. It has an amazing ecosystem with diverse faunas and floras. Moreover, Nam Ha is also the source of life for about 25 ethnic groups of people living around it. The Nam Ha National Protected Area also is also actively engaging in developing a sustainable and environment-friendly tourism.

The four national parks are the priceless natural treasures of Laos. They are also great choices for travelers to have an adventurous trip.