For a vocation to a tropical and coastal country like Vietnam, there is nothing better than having visited an island, which Vietnam could offer you so many, especially in the South of Vietnam.And if you are interested in visiting lesser-known attractions, you might find the following name useful because we will offer a list of stunning off-beaten-track islands.

Ly Son Island

The island is an official district unit of Quang Ngai Province. It is formed by the volcanic eruption, which is still visible today. Unlike other islands listed above which most of their area is made of tropical jungle, Ly Son’s landmass is plainer. Most of the land is used to produce garlic – the most important product of the island. It is also the reason for the nickname “kingdom of garlic.”


Hon Chuoi

Hon Chuoi or Banana Island is also an island of southernmost Vietnam. It is a part of the Gulf of Thailand. With only about seven square kilometers of all, the island is the home to about 50 fisher families. Most of the families here have two houses to their name, one on the East and one on the North. The eastern house is where they live from October to April. The rest of the year, they will live in the western house. They seasonally switch between the two houses.

The island is active and busy in spite of being a small island. Most of the activities here revolve around the porting and fishing. Even though tourism activity on this island is not developed yet, you can still enjoy the wonderful experience of living a coastal life and synchronize with other the busy fishing lifestyle.

Nam Du Island

Having a quite advantageous location – it lies haft way between Phu Quoc and Ca Mau’s coast – Nam Du recently becomes a new appealing tourist attraction. Nam Du Island is the biggest island of the archipelago with the same name which comprises of 21 volcanic small islands.

One of the favorite activities on this island is island-hopping. It is advisable to hire a boat with a group so that you can transit from island to island easily.  Hòn Ngang, Hòn Mấu, Hai Bờ Đập, Bãi Cây Mến are some of the names that you should visit. Hon Mau is the most favored of all, which you should never skip when traveling to this place.

The best time to travel to Nam Du is from May to December. You can take a boat from Rach Gia to get to this island.

Hòn Sơn

Hon Son is blessed with a rich and wonderful nature, which could enable you to have beyond-expectation eco-tour experience. There are about 8 thousand people living in this 11-kilometer square island. The land is mostly covered by rainforest, which is the home to a rich fauna and flora system.

The road bordering around the coastal will enable to visit and see the island’s stunning scenery easily. Among five beaches along the coast of this island, Bai Bang is considered to be the most gorgeous.

Bamboo Island – Hòn Tre

Hon Tre of the Gulf of Thailand is near Hon Son. You need to differentiate it with same-named island located near Nha Trang’s coast. Beside the name Bamboo, the island also has another name: Turtle Island. The name is given due to the fact that on this island there are two mountains which together resemble the shape of a turtle.

The island is told to be best for fishing activities. The island is also the heaven of seafood.

Hon Khoai

To the southern coast of Vietnam, you can get access to Hon Khoai or Potato Island. The island is a part of the archipelago which locates about 15 kilometers from Ca Mau – the southernmost province of Vietnam. With a pristine beach and a primitive nature and little touch of tourism, you can feel 100% satisfied with the low-key vibe in this island.

You can also enjoy an eco-tour with a local-based tourist spot. It will give you the chance to explore the nature of this island better.

Hon Nghe

Hon Nghe is in the bay of Ha Tien, Kien Giang. This island is one of the most beautiful islands of the southern coast. It is also a favorite destination for many people. The residents mostly live along the coast, the other part of the island remains intact and untouched, and it is also home to a rich biodiversity.

The highlight of a trip to Hon Nghe is the Quan Am Pagoda (Bodhisattva Pagoda). Located on a rocky but appealing mountain, this pagoda has an absolute stunning surrounding. You can explore the caves around the area. Dat Ma Cave and Phat Co Don are promising spots to explore. From the top of the mountain, you can get the breath-taking overview of the whole island while immersing in a calm and peaceful atmosphere of a Buddhism place.

All of these islands above could be worth-considering alternatives for more crowded destinations like Phu Quoc Island or Con Dao. Hopefully, you have a wonderful beach holiday on one of these names.