If you are thinking about spending your honeymoon in a lesser-known, off-the-beaten-track, quiet destination with more privacy and a better price, Cambodia should definitely enter your list of considerations. Here are some suggestions for your honeymoon trip to Cambodia.


A long time ago, Kep was famous as the favored destination among the upper-class. Kep, unlike other crowded beaches, still keeps it classy and up-scale side with luxury boutique hotels and resorts. Visiting Kep, you also have the chance to get the beautiful sunset and enjoying seafood and impressive hiking trail in the Kep National Park where you can witness stunning butterflies.

Koh Kong

If you are looking for a destination with peaceful and isolated tranquil, primitive beaches and unspoiled jungle, Koh Kong is a great choice for you to visit. If you are looking for a place with incredible and stunning beauty but without the hustle and bustle of tourism, Koh Rong is absolutely the place. Spending holiday here means that you and your partner have time for each other without interruption from the outside world (except the overwhelming beauty).

Siem Reap

This is a super-busy destination, however, the incredible Angkor Wat weights out all of these downsides. Couples could have their best photos here in this ancient place to mark their new beginning. The most unforgettable moment that these new-wed could ever dream of is a hot-air balloon ride over one of the greatest archaeological sites in the world.


For a couple who both are nature lovers, Mondulkiri is their best option. This remote province is a great choice for a nature-exposing trip. You can see elephant, go hiking or trekking in the jungle, or enjoy the breathtaking landscape of waterfalls. There would be nothing such luxurious resorts and hotels, instead, couples will have a great time going on an adventurous trip together and getting your hand dirty.

The islands

Most of Cambodia’s island remains unspoiled and primitive, which is an ideal place to share sweet and unforgettable moments with your significant one. Koh Rong, Koh Rong Samloem, Ko Ta Kiev are some prominent names that you can keep in mind.