Bounded by countries with abundant and busy food scene like Thailand and Vietnam, Lao food scene seems to be insignificant. However, if you have the chance to travel to Vientiane, you might find it another way around. You might it more fascinating than you ever expect.

Here is some draft guide to help you to find your haven of food while ramming throughout the streets of Vientiane.

Lane Xang

Along this crowded boulevard are a lot of food stalls where you can find some finest version of the famous dishes of Laos.

Ban Anou Night Market

As any night market in the world, Ban Anou is always full of food. Most of them are really great. Your night craze will be fed well than ever with a diverse range of food.

Pha That Luang

If you are going to visit the prominent Pha That Luang of Vientiane, you should pay a visit to the market located near Pha Tha Luong. It will offer you a more local and authentic experience than other place. It is because this market seems to be less touristy than other, and is more about catering for the local appetite.

Ban Haysoke

If you are among those you always look for a place where will provide you with decent snack fest in everywhere you go. Ban Haysoke is the number one place for you. Here you can try sai qua – Lao sausages, the most famous snack of the Lao’s street food scene.

Mekong River

It is said that there is a touristy attraction, there is great food. The Mekong Riverside is among those attractions. Tourists usually walk along the famous river. That fact followed by a busy food scene on the riverside where tourists cluster. The view of Mekong River will give you the pleasure of fulfilling both your eyes and your tommy.

Mekong River – the ever-lively river, the mother of the whole culture-rich delta is a worth-visiting destination that you should not miss.

With the list of top where to eat in Vientiane, you might find your favorite Laos dishes.