With two third of the surface is covered by the forest, Vietnam owns plenty of extraordinary trekking trail. Boasting a wide range of landscapes, from the dense jungles to rice terraces or immerse paddle fields, Vietnam will never fail to stun you. Moreover, trekking tour in Vietnam will expose you to the unique culture of people in the distanced area. Here we have listed out the top 10 best trekking trails in Vietnam.

  1. Lang Biang Moutain

The romantic town of Dalat is home to one of the most scenic landscape in Vietnam, which has made it to the top most-visited places in the country. Unlike the tranquil and peaceful vibe permeated the city, Lang Bian Mountain owns many exciting activities, from rock climbing and camping.

  1. Sapa

Owning a spectacular scene, Sapa always tops on the list of the must-visited destinations for travelers to Vietnam. Trekking journey in Sapa will introduce you to the iconic scene of rice terraces and the jaw-dropping mountainous scene. Dotted with the tiny house of the locals, mountain landscape of Sapa is a priceless treat for you.

  1. Ba Be National Park

Located in Bac Can Province of the Northeast region, Ba Be Natural Park has long been a popular attraction for nature-lover in Vietnam. Blessed with a rich and unique ecosystem, Ba Be National Park will show you all the best feature of the typical Vietnamese tropical landscape. Boasting the largest natural lake in Vietnam, Ba Be Lake, the natural park has more to offer you, from magnificent waterfalls, towering limestone mountain, and deep valley.  Bac Can Province is a lesser-known destination, less crowded and tourist-packed, which is an advantage if you wish to enjoy the spectacular scenery without being interrupted by the crowd.

  1. Cat Tien National Park

Located 150 kilometers to the North of Ho Chi Minh City, Cat Tien National Park is the jewel of the Southern landscape. Cat Tien is famous for its wonderful and abundant variety of wild animals. It is necessary to make a reservation with the local travel agency in advance as the national park has set a limit on the number of visitors.

  1. Pu Luong Nature Reserve

Pu Luong Nature Reserve is blessed with the untouched scenery. You will surely be stroke by the biodiversity of the nature reserve. Pu Luong owns a unique cultural richness of the idyllic rural area, which is well-blended with the wonderful nature. Dotted in the picturesque valley, the traditional houses of the people living here make Pu Luong more charming and heart-warming.

  1. Mai Chau

To the Northwest, just about 130 kilometers from the capital city of Hanoi, Mai Chau is a wonderful destination for a quick and easy trekking. Getting out of the town of Mai Chau, you will be surrounded by the alluring nature with immerse greenery rice fields and scattered small villages.

  1. Cao Bang

Cao Bang is the number one candidate for any trekking-goer. The Northeast province owns one of the most alluring scenery in the country, which represents the best of Vietnamese mountainous landscape. Trekker to Cao Bang should not miss the glorious waterfall of Ban Gioc – the most majestic waterfall in Vietnam.