One of the fascinating parts of visiting a new country is to explore and discover and observed the local architecture, which is an effective way to explore the culture of the country. The architecture of a place could tell you much about the lifestyle of their owners as well as the historical background.

In this post, we will introduce the top five best-preserved and tourist-friendly old houses in Vietnam which you can add to your itinerary.

87 Ma May Hanoi

The Old Quarter is the main attraction in Hanoi, mainly because of the beautiful and unique architecture of the houses in that area. Despite the economic developing and urbanization, the Old Quarter is managed to keep their best jewel, which is the iconic old traditional houses.

The most famous among many old houses built in the Old Quarter area, 87 Ma May is the most visited. It is among the most well-preserved private properties in Hanoi. The house at 87 Ma May is open on daily basis for visitors to come and see.

Owning the typical exterior and interior architecture of Hanoi’s old houses, 87 Ma May would tell you much about the old Hanoi and the life of people in the past.

Old Houses in Hoi An

Moving to the North, Hoi An is a well-famous destination. The town is most famous for its stunning and well-preserved architecture. The yellow houses have become the image representing the towns. Moreover, Hoi An has done a great job in preserving the heritage, as the result, the old houses are in the very good state. Tan Ki, Phung Hung, and Duc An are among the most visited attractions in Hoi An. The architecture of these hundred-year-old houses is the result of fusing influence of China, Japan, and the local culture. The interior architecture of these houses is characterized by the black-painted wooden furniture and yellow wall. With the great effort to preserve the valuable heritage, the old house still keeps its old quaint vibes and give you the most detailed story about the life of the old Hoi An and its people.

Besides these houses which are preserved for exhibiting, Hoi An is packed with old houses or traditional-styled house transformed into coffee houses, restaurants or hotels. Visiting these fascinating old houses are among the must for your trip in Hoi An.

Garden House in Hue

Unlike the old house in the crowded city like Hoi An Hanoi, the old houses in Hue feature different vibes. It is more close to the traditional architecture and embedded with a different philosophy: The house is more a retreating place from the outside world, and in harmony with nature. Therefore the typical old house in Hue is named as the “garden house” which indicates the integration between house and garden. A great representative of this is An Hien Garden House. It was once the residence of the royal family member. As a typical garden house, An Hien is surrounded by immerse green trees. Right in front of the house lies a small pool with lotus.