Wandering around the streets in every city and town in Vietnam in September, you can notice there are a lot of temporary stalls on the side of the streets. They are mooncake stall. This ubiquitous sign reminds you that the Mid-Autumn festival is coming soon. Mid-Autumn could be considered as the second most important event of the year, just after the iconic New Year Eve – Tet.

This time of the year is the busiest time of the mooncake market. It would be quite confusing to make your purchasing decision on what moon cake brand to buy. Besides some manufacturing brand which owns hundred small stalls, you can opt to choose to have the mooncakes traditionally produced by the long-established stores. They are usually famous bakery store which makes mooncake as an additional product during the Mid-Autumn phase.

If you are traveling to Hanoi during this time, it would be unwise not to try a very signature food of this traditional festival. Here are some names that you can look for to buy yourself excellent mooncakes.

Bảo Phương

Bao Phuong is most famous for its mooncakes. Mooncakes are made all around the year, not just in the Mid-Autumn phase. During the time of Mid-Autumn month, this store is particularly crowned. If you are determined to go buy mooncake by Bao Phuong, you should prepare beforehand because you will have to wait and sometimes, they are all sold out and you might have to go home without any mooncake in hand.

Address: 201A, Thụy Khuê, Ba Đình District.

Ninh Hương

Unlike Bao Phuong, Ninh Huong only sells moon cake during the Mid-Autumn time. Other times of the year, Ninh Huong supports their business by selling lotus seed and tea. Ninh Huong is particularly favored because of its natural taste created by a traditional process. In Ninh Huong, the filling is straight, instead of mixing power with the respective additional flavor. To preserve the natural flavor, they don’t use preservatives, therefore, the expiry date is just within one week.

Address: 22 Hàng Điếu, Hoàn Kiếm District.

Bà Dần

The store is named after the founding mother of the brand. Originally, Ba Dan didn’t make moon cake for money. She baked mooncakes only in Mid-Autumn for her family and acquaintances. Her cake was so good that people started to request her to produce it for sale. And that is the beginning story of one of the most famous moon cake stores in Hanoi. The store is now a family business run by the descendants of her.

Address: 52 Hàng Bè or No 126, 554 Alley, Trường Chinh.

Phương Soát

Tucked in a small alley of Hanoi, this mooncake store is quite hard to locate. Even though not having a great location, it is still one of the most-favored moon cake stores of Hanoians for a really long time. Mooncakes offered by Phuong Soat comes in diverse and fascinating looks, for example, a shiny yellow-brown fish.

Address: 10 Vong Ha, Hoan Kiem District.

Hanoi is where you can find the very long-established eatery brands which became a part of this city’s cultural identity (check out the recommendation stores to buy ô mai). If you are traveling to Hanoi, it would be a wise choice to go to these stores to get some Hanoi signature bite or take it home as a gift for others after your vacation in Vietnam.