The tranquil beach of Koh Rong is a wonderful beach holiday destination for many travelers to Southeast Asia. It is among the best beaches in Cambodia. Besides the fascinating natural scenery, there are also many exciting activities that you can engage in on your tours to Koh Rong.


The most favored trekking trail in Koh Rong is the one starting from the beach of Koh Toch, the main beach, venturing through the dense jungle and finishing at Sok San Beach, the setting of Survivor season 32nd. It is a pristine and almost untouched beach where you can have the whole beach to yourself. The trek only takes you about 50 minutes to arrive at Sok San Beach.

Blob Jump

If you enjoy the exciting moment of plunging yourself down to the blob on the water, here is the good news for you. To the north end of Sok San Beach, you can find the blob jump spot. You can do it for $3 per person. The wooden pier could be found 7 kilometers away from the Southernmost of Sok San. It would take an amount of time just walking from the Southernmost to the Northernmost, so you just can board the local boat and make it to the blob jump pier.

Cruise back from Koh Toch Beach at Sunset

At the end of your trip to Sok San Beach, you can hire a boat of local to venture back to the main beach of Koh Toch. It will make a gorgeous end for a tour day to Sok San. Adoring the sunset from the boat might be one of the most memorable moments of your trip to Koh Rong.

Snorkeling or Diving

Koh Rong boasts one of the richest marine habitats in Cambodia with much gorgeous fish, which makes it one of the most promising destinations for diving and snorkeling. Around Koh Rong, there are many ideal spots for snorkeling, diving, and fish-watching. Adventure Adam Tours offer you excellent snorkeling tour around the places. In Koh Rong Dive Center, you can get a training course for diving. Snorkeling and diving are really one of the highly-recommended destinations for travelers to enjoy.

Ziplines and Ropewalks at High Point Adventure Park

Ziplines and ropewalks are always the highlights of the trip to the tropical jungle area. In Koh Rong, there is the place where you can enjoy the absolute joy with these dynamic and adventurous activities. It is the Hight Point Adventure Park. Ziplines and ropewalks are just among many other activities for thrill-seekers to enjoy. The safety is set as the first priority; therefore, you can fully live it up the adventures. The price ranges from 25 to $35, depending on whether it is the low season or high season.

Night Swim with the Glowing Plankton

Plankton might be the sole reason for many tourists for visiting Koh Rong. Therefore, plankton hunt always tops on the list of must-do things in Koh Rong. The plankton is visible on beaches with no human light intervention. Even moonlight is one of reason could prevent you from seeing plankton. Some beaches where you are most likely to see this marvelous phenomenon are Long Set Beach, Lonely Beach or Coconut Beach. The snorkeling or diving tours in Koh Rong also includes plankton-watching at the end of their itinerary.

Kayak over to Koh Toch Island

Kayaking is the number one watersport activity for a beach destination. In Koh Rong, kayaking to Koh Toch is a popular choice for tourist to Koh Rong. Koh Toch is a very small island near the beach of Koh Toch Beach which is the resident of only a pagoda. You can find kayak boat on some restaurants on the beachfront of Koh Toch Beach.