The hot balloon ride over the majestic landscape is one of the most-desired activities in Myanmar and it should be on everyone’s bucket list. Bagan with a jaw-dropping panorama is absolutely one of the best spots in the world for hot-balloon riding.

In Bagan, there are two main suppliers of the activity of this type:  Balloons Over Bagan and Oriental Ballooning. Balloon Over Bagan has been operated for over 20 years now – it is the first company to ever tap into this business. Recently, Oriental Ballooning has joined to become a supplier of hot balloon rides.

The Monument Zone, where most of the significant temples and monuments are located, is the highlight of Bagan panorama. However, sometimes due to the wind conditions, you might not be able to get the full view of The Monument Zone, instead, just the part to the north of the site.

The ideal time for hot balloon flight is from October to March because, during this period, the weather is more favorable: calm and cool. And it is in the morning, during the sunrise that most of the hot balloon ride will take off.

Each flight will last for about 45 minutes. Hot balloon flights offer two options: premium and classic. With the premium option, there are only eight people on the basket, whereas, with the classic one, the number of attendants is higher, around ten peoples. The premium option offers separate compartments for couples.

The route of your journey might not be confirmed until the morning of your flight. It could be even canceled at the last minutes due to the poor weather condition. And sometimes, the ride would end sooner than the schedule. The price for each person per flight ranges from 350$ to 470$. The price might include a breakfast, a glass of champagne at the end of the flight, and even a certificate proving that you have complete a hot balloon flight over Bagan. If you book with a trustable travel agency, you might get a good deal.

Due to the high demand, the booking list might be full very soon, especially during the high season. Therefore, you should book well in advance, a month or more before your holiday in Bagan.

If your budget for the trip could not afford a hot balloon price, you can still enjoy the majestic panoramic view of Bagan from Shwegu Gyi Paya.

It would be the most incredible thing to do on your holiday in Myanmar.