Local people in the northern province of Phú Thọ,  Tân Sơn District said Thu Cúc village, their homeland is one of the most beautiful place in the country because of un spoil wild natural landscape jungle

Every single people from here are praise the stunning scenery every time they meet new people, it’s definitely worthwhile for a new Vietnam travel destination. It’s location Just 130 kilometers from Hanoi, the hamlets of Soi and Ú are embrace by everlasting green from palm forest where’s home of Mường ethnic minority people.

Arrival at the hamlet of Ú, You guys will be explained how is interesting of most remote part of Thu Cúc Village. Nevertheless, wanted to see the Ú Dam, which is an wooden structure built in the 1960s on the Bứa River. Irrigation water wheels work all day and night to get water to the paddy for cultivation.

The Mường ethnic people here are make a living by cultivate wet rice. In hot weather day, local people often visit the dam and spots along the Bua River bank to get cool air breathing and swimming in nice and cool water

Stay in here you will feel like home in warm palm-roofed house on the stilt with full of laugh. Local host willingly treat the guest with delicious traditional foods, especially tasting the fermented cassava leaves, steamed snails gathered from the stream, and grilled goby marinated in spices, those are specialties of Thu Cúc Village.

One Sacred place is Cúc Temple to worship the Mường girl name Cúc. The fairytale said, Mường ethnic people travel from Hòa Bình Province to this place for inhabitant and discovered here is being a fertility land. They decided to stop and settle right here. Undergone struggling for survive villagers have been help by a beautiful and intelligent girl named Cúc who had a lot of farming experiences and kindness, she educated people how to cultivated for having higher productivity and leaded community to overcome many dangerous situations, such as crossing deep streams and thick jungles, Thanks to Cúc, local people’s living standards get better and better.

Thanks to her, villagers built a temple in the area to worship her when she passes away to educated young generation remember her sacrifice. Every year on the seventh and eighth days of the first Lunar month, People in Thu Cúc village hold the festival to evoke the soul of the rice, wishing for good health and bumper crops. They bring new rice and specialties for the gathering and perform rituals for the girl, when the rituals completed, the villagers begin growing rice in the field