If you are traveling Vietnam during the Tet Holiday, you should prepare some basic knowledge about this occasion, especially, you pay special attention to what not to do during the Tet Holiday.

Tet is considered as one of the most crucial occasions of the year. Vietnamese people believe that good start will make the journey easy and pleasant and unfavorable start will make the whole year become a disaster and misfortunes. In order to guarantee a “good start,” there is a long list of what not to do on the very first days of the New Year. If you don’t want to offend the locals and cause them to believe that you are the cause of all their suffering in that year, you should bear these things in mind.

On the New Year Eve, you should not collect debts or borrow anything. It is believed that if you have to pay debt on the first days of the year, you might have to pay the debt for the rest of the year. The same goes for being the lender.

During the Tet holiday, good and positive words are favored. It is not well-appreciated to say negative and bad words on the very first day of New Years.

You should try to resist any fights, disputes or disagreements during Tet Event. First of all, these situations will ruin their holiday moods and upset their “good start.” So, if you are unsatisfied with something, hold it on and wait until later to release or more easily, just forget it.

If you are not invited to go to a family on the first day of Tet, you shouldn’t make a move. Vietnamese people believe that the first day to enter the house will determine the fortune of the New Year. Families might choose and invite a person which they believe to bring the good fortune for the New Year. And if you are not the chosen one, you should not dare to step into any house on the first day of a year. Or at least, wait until you are sure that you are not the first person to step into the house.

On the first day of the year, Vietnamese would not sweep their floor, or at least, try not to sweep all the rubbish out of the house in an attempt not to wipe away all the fortunes and luck of the new year out of the house. Try to show you are the helpful one by cleaning the house seems not to be a brilliant idea on Tet holiday.

You should also pay close attention to the breakable things like glass, pottery, porcelain. Broken things are believed to represent the bad luck for the rest of the year.

And one more subtle thing to take into regard is that if on the previous year, in Vietnamese belief, if a person suffers from the loss of your family member, that person should not visit other people on the very first days of the New Year.