It is of the same importance to know what not to do as to know what to do in a foreign country, especially in Vietnam. Vietnam’s culture is quite different from the Western countries, not to mention people here live under a different constitutional system. Therefore, a lot of things are marked as taboos in this country. In order to have a good and smooth trip, you should better mind about things not to do in Vietnam.

Dress code

Your itinerary in Vietnam must at least engage in one activity related to religious sites, for example, visiting temples and pagodas. In these sites, it is considered as impropriate to wear showing-skin clothes. The go-to dress-code is long pants, or at least pants which cover the knees, and a shirt or plain T-shirt.

Taking pictures in temples, pagoda and military spots.

For religious places, it depends if taking photos is acceptable. You should read the sight to know and not many temple or pagodas have their signs translated into English, should recognize some keywords like “không chụp ảnh.”

However, for a military spot, it is prohibited. You can’t take any photo the military-related sight without the permission of the authority. It would cause much trouble if you insist to take photos of these places.

Blogging about Vietnamese government

Anything sensitive political topics should be avoided if you still want to enjoy a peaceful and relaxing trip. If you show any engagement in these sensitive topics, you might be deported and could never dream f coming back to Vietnam for any purpose.

Lovebird alert

Vietnamese people are not feeling at ease seeing others showing affection to each other. Holding hands or gently wrapping hand is fine, but kissing or any too affection gestures in public will earn sharp stares from others.


Even though Vietnam is not a crime-ridden country, it is sensible to be aware of it anywhere you go. To prevent any kind of crimes that could happen to you, you better leave anything of value to your hotel room. Moreover, even when you all leave the valuable things at your place, you still can’t be reckless, because it could not help you steer clear of being robbed or pick-pocketed. Just don’t show your wallet and possession or else, you might risk losing your important paper like visa, passport or air tickets.