In Laos, it is really easy to buy a souvenir to bring home after a holiday in Laos. There are a lot of options for you to choose. Here are some suggestions that you can consider.

Silver and gold souvenirs

It is easy to notice how big silver and gold souvenirs are in Laos, especially when you come to visit their temples and pagodas. Silver and gold products are usually relevant to Buddha and old traditional folklore of Laos. Most of them are inspired by the Buddha influence. If you want a perfect gift from your journey which reminds you to be calm and meditating, these items would be a great option.

Silver and gold produced in Laos are of high quality, what’s more, it is available at a relatively low price. You can find a great piece of silver and souvenir in the night market of Luang Prabang.

Wooden sculpture

Besides the prosperity of silver and golden souvenir, wooden sculptures are also one of the best things to buy in Laos. Laotians have a skillful technique in wood-carving and sculpture. You can find wooden sculpture and carve in Ban Nong Bueng – a famous village for its craftsmanship on making wooden pieces of souvenir.

Silk and Textile

One of the things that mesmerizing tourist from other countries to Laos is Laoian’s traditional clothes and textile, especially the sinh – the traditional dress of Laotian woman. They have unique patterns, not to mention the high quality of the silk. You can visit Ok Pop Tok or Ban Xang Khong. These two names are among the most prominent and famous villages for making the best and most beautiful silk and textile in Laos. You can get to know the procedure of making these traditional and hand-made gifts.

Laos coffee

For people who are always on the hunt for good coffee, visiting Laos is a real treat for them. Laos is believed to be one of the countries where products the best coffee within the region and in the world. Robusta, Arabica is the two brews which will leave you no regret buying them. Laotians coffee always tops on the list what to buy in Laos.