Street food is the most enchanting part of the journey to any destination. This post will reveal the street food scene of the most visited city in Myanmar – Yangon. Myanmar’s culinary culture is diverse as it absorbed great influence from other neighboring countries, and Yangon is where you could possibly experience most of the renowned Burmese dishes, especially street food.

Here are the names of some foods that you could find hard to resist whenever roaming around the streets of Yangon.

E Kya Kway

Walking down the street of Yangon, you can easily spot out some street vendors where sellers are deep-frying yellow breadsticks. These breadsticks look basically like the Chinese youtiao. Burmese usually eat e kya kway with soy milk and fish soup or even coffee for breakfast. E Kya Kway is a wonderful way to start your days of venturing Yangon.

Samosa Thoke

Samosa is crunchy triangle dried dumpling filled with potatoes, beans, and turmeric. To make samosa thoke which is a kind of salad, samosa will be chopped and mixed with cabbage, onions, mint and coriander, and chili. At the finalization, it will be added with a squeeze of lime. This thoke is a fine mixture of different savor, which could indulge every mouth.

Mont Lone Yay Paw

If you have a sweet tooth, this one is a treat for you. Mont Lone Yay Paw is a kind of variation of the ubiquitous dessert in Asian which is similar with mochi from Japan or tangyuan from Chinese.  They are all made of glutinous rice flour filled with sweet dumpling. Burmese version is wrapped in banana leaf, filling with jaggery and added with coconut flesh. Mont lone yay paw is widely served during the Thingyan – a traditional celebration of New Year Eve.


The main ingredient of Kauknyintok is bananas. Glutinous rice flour is stuffed with banana and then wrapped in banana leaf. After being steamed, banana stuff remains creamy and melting. This is a golden recipe for anyone who is in love with bananas. Kauknyintok is a common street food in Yangon that you can easily find.

Bein Mont

Bein Mont is one of the dishes that you could not miss when traveling to Yangon. Bein Mont is a kind of pancake whose dough is made of glutinous rice flour. It is topped with poppy seeds, almonds, and coconut flesh.


Roti is a Burmese street food with an India origin. You can witness roti being cooked and served in every corner of Yangon. The doughs are pounded and stretched out in an oily surface and then fried. Burmese offer many variations of this food:  rolled one with egg, twirled with condensed milk or the one topped with mung beans paste.

Vegetarian dishes and tea are also unmissable part of Burmese food culture that you should try on your vacation in Myanmar.