Quang Phu Cau village has a traditional job of making incense, in a busy season running before the Lunar New Year (Tet).

The incense sticks in Quang Phu Cau after being dyed will be taken to dry before making incense – Photo: AFP

The weeks of Tet holiday are the busiest peak season of people in Quang Phu Cau – Hanoi suburb – AFP news agency of France described.

Under the afternoon sun, the village was dyed with a dark pink color from the large incense sticks – a profession that many people in the village feel proud of a hundred-year history.

“Making incense is a traditional profession, bold in spirit” – Ms. Dang Thi Hoa – a villager, sitting in the middle of bright pink incense sticks in the afternoon sun, told AFP.

Just like hundreds of other villages making incense throughout Vietnam, Hoa’s village is making every incense stick when it is nearly 30 days away to the Lunar New Year. They are classified into bundles with each scent suitable for the tastes of regions.

Sales of incense increased sharply in the period before and after Tet, which often falls in February of the solar calendar each year. The money earned from the sale of incense in the weeks of Tet may reach 430 USD / month, twice the average income of only 195 USD / month.

Most households in Quang Phu Cau participate in making incense. The job not only brings pride to families with tradition of making incense more than 100 years like Mrs. Hoa’s house, but also the main livelihood of many others.

“The work is quite hard but it is still enough for me to raise two children as doctors” – Le Thi Lieu said while quickly bringing the incence sticks to the yard.

Behind the incense on the ancestor altar or temples is the process of making incense that requires “natural time, geography, human harmony”, when it is necessary to work hard of workers, weather for drying incense and which time of the year should speed up incense making – Photo: AFP

Very quick work, requires many different processes, first starting from incense sticks – Photo: AFP

Next is the staining of incense sticks – Photo: AFP

Incense sticks were dyed dark red – Photo: AFP

Bring incense sticks to the yard for drying – Photo: AFP

After drying time, incense sticks will gradually turn to bright pink – Photo: AFP

Dryinging the incense sticks in the yard – Photo: AFP

A incense-drying yard seen from above – Photo: AFP

The work is hard but easy for the local people to earn better income to work as a factory worker nearby – Photo: AFP

The next step is very important, that is to put incense powder into the sticks. Each incense requires a combination of many elements, not only colors and flavor, but also a material for making incense powder – Photo: AFP

The procedure of making incense before is made by hand, round or distorted depending on the worker’s experience. But from the apperance of making incense machine, the incense sticks were always round and beautiful. The incense sticks will be dried before being packed into finished products and sold everywhere – Photo: AFP