7-eleven is an international famous convenient store brand which has arrived 17 countries with more than 61.500 stores. On this summer the well-known 7-Eleven has came to Vietnam. The appearance of these convenient stores attracts an overwhelming welcome from the whole population, especially from the young people. The first store in Ho chi Minh city is located on  Sài Gòn Trade Center – 37 Tôn Đức Thắng.

The model of convenient store is not popular among Vietnamese people, recently, there was Circle-K who also establish their branch in Vietnam. It is an bit hit in Hanoi and other big cities. Following the success of Circle K, 7-Eleven is another new comer. Vinmart is also a big name in Vietnam, they are the Vietnamese convenient storechain. The blooming of many new convenient store in Vietnam create an competitive market in Vietnam, with the joining of such a big name as 7-Eleven, the competition will be even more harder.