Vietnam has a coastline stretching 3,260km, the sea in Vietnam is very beautiful and has many unique places. One of the unique things is that the walkway through the sea. The feeling of standing in the middle of the ocean is a great experience.

One of the most famous places is Diep Son island (Khanh Hoa province), which was a long time ago, especially last summer, because the walkway divides the sea in a beautiful way.

In Vietnam, many other places also have beautiful and impressive beachs like Phu Yen, Quy Nhon, Vung Tau … The nature created so many “paradise “on the ground. Let’s explore these sites:

Yen island (Khanh Hoa)

From Cau Da port, visitors will take about 1 hour by boat to Hon Noi. You can only come here from March to September because other momonth is the rainy season.

– You are required to book a tour of the day, do not stay overnight for 350,000 VND / person. The tour includes breakfast with cakes and mineral water on the boat, lunch at the island restaurant, afternoon snacks, shuttle bus, boat to the island, boat to view the coral, go sightseeing in cave.

– Go here, you can also visit Hon Ngo, Hon Sam is just a few minutes away by boat.

Yen Island (Hon Noi) is also located in Khanh Hoa Province. This place belongs to Nha Trang Bay, located about 25km from the country, the scenery is only described by a word “wow”.

This place not only has the walkway between the beautiful sea, but also the double beach: one hot side, one cold side by the flow created. This made Yen Island special.

However, Yen Island belongs to the management of a company, so you have to buy ticket and visit on day. However, with 350000 / person, the service here is done very well, ticket includes breakfast, snacks, cakes, lunch and afternoon light fruit there. Not expensive at all.

The sea is very clear, blue, bask all day long on the sandy road, then down to swim, so exiting.

Hon Kho (Quy Nhon)

– From Nhon Hai port (16km from Quy Nhon city), it takes 15 minutes to go to Hon Kho. Renting boats from 200000 to 300000 vnd (depending on the bargaining capacity) for 5 – 10 people

– The best time to visit Hon Kho is from March to September, sunny, not afraid of storm.

– Fresh seafood that is cheap, do not miss it.

If you are looking for a place, just have the road through the sea, is just pristine, not crowded, not shabby, Hon Kho is the right choice.

This is one of 32 islands located near the coast of Binh Dinh Province, about 16km from Quy Nhon city center. On the island, the population is sparse, mainly fishermen with the main activity is fishing only. This place not only has the natural beauty but also fresh seafood.

There are many smooth sandy beaches, very attractive. When the tide is down, the walkway will gradually appear. So can both walk together leisurely, both can swim and watch the coral again. It is great experience.

Hon Ba (Vung Tau)

– There is no need to take the boat, you just ride a motorcycle to Thuy Van beach, then walk down the beach toward the foot of slope of Nghinh Phong.

– If you want to see clearly the sea, visit here on the 14th – 15th in lunar calendar and join the pilgrimage to Hon Ba Temple.

– Hon Ba has not only the sea, but also the waterfalls and forests.

Hon Ba is a small island, located in Bai Sau beach of Vung Tau city, about 200m from the head of Nghinh Phong. There is Ba temple, where people worship. Many have traveled to Vung Tau several times, but have never seen the walkway appears. On the full moon day, the tide recedes, the new rock road begins to show. And just after 4 o’clock, the road sinks deep into the water.

Besides the traditional spiritual colors, the scenery is also very beautiful, with springs and waterfalls, extremely attract foreign tourists there.

Nha Son Tu island ( Phu Yen)

– Take National Highway 1A, this island is located in the north of Phu Yen province.

– The island is about 300m from the mainland, you can wait for the road between the sea to appear when the tide is down and go.

– Beside the walkway, the wild nature on the island is also impressive.

This is the most beautiful island in Xuan Dai Bay in Phu Yen province.

The way of crossing the sea of Nhat Son Tu impressed with the length of about 300m, sinking under water and “exposed face” completely when tidal withdrawal. Interestingly, the water will be withdraw in the afternoon from the 1st to the 15th lunar month, while the rest will be withdraw in the morning.

The scenery on the island is very fresh green. When the lovers walk in this natural path, everything seems to be extremely romantic with the surrounding not only the blue sea, the immense sky, but also the majestic scenery of the forest. Is not it great?