Located not far from Tokyo, Ibaraki is a city that is known for its diverse natural attractions. This is also the place where tourists can stay away from the noisy city, immersed in romantic autumn with the leaves yellow and red.

During your trip to Japan, if you want to enjoy the most authentic scenes, try visiting Ibaraki with the following locations.

Ibaraki Historical Museum / Mito City

Suggested time: Mid November ~ end of NovemberInaugurated in 1974, the Ibaraki Historical Museum is one of the places to admire the yellow leaves known to the people of the area.The trees planted on both sides of the road stretching up to 50m is a place that people often refer to when planning to see the autumn leaves. The most beautiful time is between mid-November and early December.

Suspension bridge

The Hananuki Valley extends from the Hanamaki Dam to Maemori Rikabuchi and Kotakisawa Campgrounds, all covered by the colors of red, orange and yellow of autumn. The autumn leaves viewpoint is from the 60 meter long suspension bridge of Shiomi Waterfall. You can enjoy the panoramic view from above while listen to the water flowing from the nearby waterfall.This is the first time this place is decorated with lights, from 10/11 to 25/11. Do not miss it.

The 1000-year-old fanny tree shines in brilliant yellow

Sairenji pagoda / Namekata City

Suggested time: Mid November ~ end of November

The Sairenji ancient pagoda of Namekata was built from the first year of the new calendar (782), which housed many Niomon-related cultural objects.

Tsukuba city

Suggested time: Early November ~ end of NovemberTsukuba is often referred to as “Mount Fuji in the west, Tsukuba in the east.” This is also known as the “purple mountain” because of the changing color of the mountain peaks between day and night. Visitors can use the cable car to climb the mountain with the height of 877m, watching the spacious space covered in sky. In addition, there will be hanging lights in the two time frames below. Guests will enjoy beautiful night views of the Kanto area during the brilliant sunsets.

Sitting on a local train

Going around Mito and Hitachi Ota in Ibaraki, Koriyama in Fukushima, the Suigun Line, also known as the “Okukuji River Pass.” Passengers on this train will see beautiful autumn scenes along the valley or the road from Yamagatashuku Station to Iwakiishi Station.

In order to enjoy the beautiful autumn landscape here, the time you should try to take this train is from the middle of November to the end of November.

The view of the outside scene through the window of the train brings nostalgic feeling, reminiscent of the old memories.

This fall you try on the train of the Suigun line watching yellow leaves.