A visit to a small town is all you need for a holiday which will recharge your energy and give you some new inspiration. In Vietnam, there are some towns which have both the beautiful nature and rich culture or tranquil atmosphere.

Hoi An

On the top of our list, there is no one could compete with Hoi An when talking about the best towns in Vietnam. The town is a renown destination to travelers from all around the world; it is also one of the most-visited places in Vietnam.

Mui Ne

If you love to flee to a quiet place near the beach to enjoy the cool breeze and fresh air, Mui Ne is a great choice for you. Even being one of the most favored destinations for citizens of Ho Chi Minh – the nearby city, Mui Ne still holds on to its signature slow-paced life and an idyllic atmosphere. It is also the ideal destination for water-sport lovers with a long coastal line. Besides, Mui Ne is also the home to unexpected stunning sand dunes that you should not miss.


Dalat is a big rival to Hoi An in the competition to the most loved town in Vietnam. Just like Hoi An, Da Lat has won a lot of heart and successfully marked its name as one of the places that people love most in this country. However, the two towns have their own different vibes. Whereas Hoi An is a vibrant town with traditional yellow houses, Da Lat is more of a tranquil and serene town with pine hills and isolated houses hiding in the thin veil of fog. Visiting Dalat, you can enjoy a wonderful landscape with lakes, greenery forests, waterfalls and beautiful gardens. With a cool climate all around the year, Dalat is always the top choice for a summer escape.


If the Southerners have Dalat as their great escape for summer, the Northerners have Sapa as the go-to retreat destination. Sapa is a mountainous town which is 300 kilometers from the capital city of Hanoi. Sapa owns breathtaking scenery of rice terraces, mountains whose beauty will surely hit you hard. More than that, it is also the proud home to many minority ethnic groups, which flavor your trips with an intense cultural exposure.

Bac Ha

Being not as popular as Sapa, Bac Ha is still one of the most worth-visiting towns in the Northern area. Besides an outstanding nature, Bac Ha also features a weekend market which is the highlight of the life in a mountainous area. In the weekend market of Bac Ha, you can have the full view of the cultural and economic life of the ethnic people here.