Located on marvelous islands of Ly Son in Quang Ngai province, The Hang (Cave) Pagoda is gaining more attractions for tourists to come to see.

Built under the reign of Emperor Lê Kinh Tông (1588-1619), this pagoda is blessed with breathtaking views given by the path winding around Thới Lới Mountain and a large lake formed by an inactivated crater.
What makes this pagoda become unique among others in Quang Ngai is its special situation in a large cave. That’s why it is so-called the Hang (Cave) Pagoda.

This pagoda is said to not only have natural beauty but also hold religious beliefs. Passing by the “Heaven” well in front of the pagoda, visitors will come in view of a huge yard with a range of ancient almond trees, a lotus lake and a statue of the Goddess of Mercy eying the sea.

The central main cave stands a worship hall with uniquely-patterned altars made from stalagmites. It is believed to taste a little bit of water from the stalactites to fight off tourist’s fatigue.
Also, the remaining vestige of Champa culture is preserved in this pagoda.