Beautiful and pristine is the first impression of these lands which are  expected to become the “tourism paradise” of Vietnam in the coming years.

Phu Quoc island

Previous years, when mention to Phu Quoc, perhaps the impression of everyone just stop at Phu Quoc is located in the south of country and this is the largest island in Vietnam only. Or more, there are one word “wild”, “wild” because there is nothing: no food, no play, no accommodation. But in a short time, things have changed, Phu Quoc became a favorite destination of foreign tourists.
What is the reason? The first is from a series of 5 star hotels and resorts, international quality entertainment centers sprouting up to meet the needs of eat-play-stay of tourists. In addition, the completion of the airport also makes the way to the “Pearl Island” easier.
Wildlife is also the attraction of this place. There are white sand beaches “top the top 13 most pristine and beautiful beaches in the world” such as Bai Dai, Bai Sao. Because it is not well known, the beaches here are not too crowded but still keep the beauty that nature offers, they always bring you the feeling of peace. Want to escort daily life? Choose Phu Quoc.
Of course, Phu Quoc has not only the sea, it also attracts tourists by the friendliness and hospitality of the people here. A green coconut, a basket boat, the taste of salty sea … Everything can become an unforgettable memory in the hearts of those who have visited here.
With a devotee eating, Phu Quoc is also a good choice. Here there are countless delicious specialties such as herring salad, jelly salad and countless fresh seafood whipped at a much cheaper price than in the mainland, where quality is impeccable!

Phu Yen

Located in the South Central Coast, Phu Yen was almost a forgotten land on Vietnam’s tourist map, until the movie “I saw the yellow flower on green grass” on the air. The film seems to have opened a new paradise for young people to move. Well, in Vietnam itself has a nice piece of land like Phu Yen!
Plain fields, green hills, beautiful village roads like a picture, rocky cliffs with blue waves … Come to Phu Yen, it seems you just put the camera up you will have a nice photo.
As a coastal province, of course, Phu Yen can not lack the blue water beaches, white sand as Bai Mon, Bai Xep. But the most impressive thing in this place may be the simple life in the country, just like what appeared in the movie.
A truly meaningful trip is not only exploring the landscape but also the people, culture and cuisine there. The culinary paradise with cheap price in Phu Yen probably will not disappoint you.

Quảng Binh

Quang Binh is famous with Phong Nha Ke Bang, Son Doong cave. Quang Binh also has many breathtaking sights that will attract your heart in the first eye.
There is no place where natural favorable as much as Quang Binh, each forest, every cave here is as beautiful and majestic as the masterpiece art. Due to the lack of tourism, Quang Binh is the place where you can enjoy the wild nature, forget about the hustle and bustle of the city.
There are too many places to go in Quang Binh! The first is the Chay River. The clear water like jade in the Chay River not only makes your pictures “virtual life” is more beautiful but also a place for you to try playing adventure games like zipline or kayak. Meanwhile, Dark Caves is for young explorers, while the stream Mooc will bring you peaceful moments, relax in cool water with your friends and family.|
And as many other potential destinations, food in Quang Binh is not impeccable. The variety of restaurant in this place will conquer even the most demanding diners. Not only the two famous dishes are banh bot loc and banh nam where the first, your belly will not be full because of dishes such as Quang Hoa pancakes, herring salad, cucumber salad, …

Ninh Binh Located less than 100km from Hanoi capital, this area has so many things to explore from history, culture to the scenery.
First to mention the Trang An eco-tourism. As a natural heritage of the world, Trang An has so many beautiful things. Coming to this place, you will feel like you just got lost in the scenery because the natural space there is not only beautiful but wildly.
Not only Trang An, Ninh Binh also has Bai Dinh pagoda holding many records in Vietnam, there are Tam Coc – Bich Dong charming, ancient capital of Hoa Lu …
The food here is very good. Ninh Binh is not only goat meat and rice fire, Ninh Binh also has strange dishes but extremely delicious. In Ninh Binh there are salted fish salad, mountain snails, a fish soup. Even the noodle dish familiar capital in Ninh Binh is also in a very personal manner.

Thanh Hoa If you come to Thanh Hoa, you definitely have to go to Pu Luong – where is dubbed as a paradise on the mountain. This place has green forests as well as beautiful waterfalls. It is a nature reserve, so it does not suffer any external impact and this land seems to have been forgotten by humans.
Looking at the rice terraces, primary forest, mountain ranges, scattered clouds, or the fading sunsets behind the mountain will be the most wonderful experience.
If you visit Pu Luong, it’s intersting to explore other places in Thanh Hoa: May Waterfall, Ho Citadel, Ben En National Park, Tu Thuc cave … to know Thanh Hoa is not as boring as we imagine.