Preparing is one of the most important things that all travelers have to ponder on. And each place, with different characteristics, has specific things that are needed. If you are having a hard time figuring out the detailed packing list for a trip to Vietnam, we are here to help you out.


Flip-flops are really essential if you are having a temple-hopping trip or you’re going to visit Vietnamese’ houses. It is because, in Vietnam, you aren’t allowed to wear shoes when entering the worship area in temples and pagodas as well as someone’s home. Moreover, it is also a nice treat for your feet in such a hot and humid weather to wear pair flip-flops.

Portable Phone Charger

It is really hard to survive without the help of your phone. In buses or train, you might not find an electric plug. Therefore, it is wise to keep a portable phone charger with you.

Waterproof jacket.

You might don’t have to buy one right from the beginning. You can easily buy one in Vietnam. The price for a super thin and light, one time –use is about 15.000 to 20.000 dong. Always keep it in your pack because the chance is that rain would come and visit anytime during the day, especially during the monsoon season.

Sun cream and a hat

For a tropical country like Vietnam, the sun is always out and shining. When traveling, you have to stay outside for most of the day so it is so important to prevent your skin from being sunburn. It is highly recommended that you keep your sun cream, a hat, and a sun protection.

Bug Repellent

One of the things that are so irritating for Western travelers is the invade of bugs and insect in the South East Asia. Insects and bugs can be also a serious threat which spread diseases. Just recently, Hanoi is the center of the uncontrollable outbreak of dengue. Therefore, always prepare an insect-repellent with you on a trip to Vietnam.

Moderate clothing

It is essential if you have the intention to visit temples and pagodas (which is the must). You should avoid wearing revealing clothes, instead, try wearing below-the-knee skirts or trousers.

Ear Plugs

On a night bus or hostel, you might not have an easy night sharing spaces with other. To make sure that you get enough sleep to recharge your energy, always bring earplugs with you. Especially when you are in Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh where the noise seems to never cease, earplugs would be your life-savior.

Diarrhea Treatment

A foreigner with a foreign stomach might have a hard time digesting exotic food in Vietnam. What’s worse, the food hygiene is poor. It is said that most of the travelers to Vietnam have to suffer from diarrhea once. You can’t escape from this, so you should put some effort investing a diarrhea treatment just in case it hits you.