Hoi An is one of the busiest destinations in Vietnam. The town is not only famous for its romantic yellow houses and lovely places but also the irresistible food culture.

Even though there are many good eats in Hoi An, the following names are still the most recommended dishes to try in Hoi An given by experienced foodies.

Cao lầu

Talking about Hoi An food, it is a miserable failure not to mention this dish. It could be said that Cau Lau is representative of Hoi An food scene. Rarely there is anyone leaving Hoi An without eating Cau Lau. You can find more about the secret behind the food here.


Thanh Cao Lau, No.26 Thai Phien Street

Cao Lau Ba Be, Tran Phu Market

Cao Lau Ong Hai, Textile Market in Hoi An

Cơm gà (chicken rice)

If Cau Lau is the number one dish, the runner-up must be com ga (chicken rice). The rice is permeated with a cheery yellow from turmeric. The process of cooking rice is more intricate than the typical daily meal rice. The water used to cook rice is the broth from simmering chicken bones. Added with little the chicken grease, the rice becomes more intense and appealing.


Com Ga Ba Buoi,  No.22 Phan Chau Trinh Street

Com Ga Ba Nga, No.8 Phan Chau Trinh Street

Com Ga Huong, No.56 Le Loi Street

Mì Quảng

Hoi An’s signature color – yellow – seems to influence their cuisine as well. That is why the trio must-eats are all yellow. Mi Quang, together with Cao Lau and com ga is the trio must-eats for visitors to Hoi An.


My Quang Hat, No.4 Phan Chu Trinh Street

My Quang Phu Chiem, No.14 Phan Thanh

My Quang Ong Hai, No.6A Truong Minh Luong

Bánh bao, bánh vạc (dumplings)


Hoi An is a former trading center. That is the why can find the Chinese influence every now and then in Hoi An. The dumpling is the great example for this. In Hoi An, you can obviously try some significantly outstanding bites of dumplings ever.


Hoa Hong Trang, No.533 Hai Ba Trung Street

Bánh mì

When talking about Vietnamese food culture, many people would think of Vietnamese sandwich or banh mi. And in Vietnam, you can find one of the best versions of banh mi. With almost the same ingredients, but Hoianians still give banh mi an incredible taste. Banh mi Hoi An has been enjoyed positive reviews from many international food critics news.


Banh Mi Madame Phuong, 2B Phan Chau Trinh Street

Banh Mi Madame Khanh, 115 Tran Van Cao

Banh xeo (Sizzling pancake)

Banh xeo derived from the Middle part of Vietnam. It has become a nationally famous food which could find in many parts of the country. However, eating banh xeo at the original place is still a beyond imagination experience. Because of that, you should not miss this dish while traveling Hoi An.


Banh Xeo Bale,

Bánh ướt cuốn thịt nướng (Grilled meat stick with thick rice paper)

Grilled meat stick is a wide-known food in Vietnam. However, in Hoi An, you can find a unique version of the dish with the collaboration between the meat stick and thick rice paper, instead of the thin one. Besides, the grilled meat is also spectacularly good.


Along Hoai riverside.

Nước mót (Mot Drink)

To end the list, we will suggest a drink that you can easily find in Hoi An. Nuoc Mot is a favorite drink among people in Hoi An. It is a simple, quick drink for you to enjoy while navigating around the town on a hot summer day. You can tell nuoc mot cup by a pinky lotus petal on top.


Mot Hoi An, No.150, Tran Phu