Vietnamese population is comprised of 56 different ethnic groups, which creates such a vibrant cultural scene. Each ethnic group has their own way of dressing, especially when you travel to the northwest – the home to many minority ethnic groups.

People from different ethnic groups have their own way of dressing. And they remain their own unique technique of producing textiles. These unique dresses make an integral part of their culture and their daily life.

It is really enthusiastic to see that people are still managed to remain their own way of living instead of being integrated with others. Moreover, it is also encouraging to see people from different culture intertwine at one place, especially in the local market.

If you are interested in the ancient art of weaving colorful tribe dress, here are some suggestions for you to explore and learn about the traditional art of weaving.

Sapa is a very popular destination of the Northwest region. Visitors to Sapa will be impressed not only by the wonderful natural scenery but also the colorful and various dressing style of the religion.

The “love” market, or “cho tinh” on Saturday night is one of the most popular attractions of Sapa. In the market, people from different ethnic group come to sell, buy and trade goods, notably textiles or hand-made weaving.

Another remarkable market of the Northwest area is Bac Ha Market. It is one of the biggest markets of the region. You can literally see the life of the whole region being showcased just within a walking area as people sell worldly stuff here. It is also the place where women of minority group sell their hand-making weaving. It must be one of the most colorful markets in Vietnam.

Unlike Bac Ha or Sapa, Muong Khuong market is lesser-known and attracts fewer tourists. But it guarantees to give you the authentic experience of the traditional market of the Northwest area.

These markets will surely lead you to a vibrant and dazzling world of unique and colorful tribe weaving clothes. It would be one of the most charming moment on your trip to Vietnam.