Many foreign tourists were surprised when visiting the Central Post Office and wanted to introduce their friends to visit.

The French built the Central Post Office in the period 1886 – 1891 as a place to transmit telegrams and letters. The project is located at the Public Works of Paris, District 1 with European style combined with East Asian culture, according to drawings of French architects.

According to Ho Chi Minh City Department of Culture and Sports, the Post Office building was put into the inventory list for relic ranking by 2010. Visitors not only have the opportunity to see the unique architecture of the post office, but also have the opportunity to learn the history of the city. You will find a mail box, an old-fashioned phone booth or rest on a hundred-year-old couch.

The facade of the building has rectangular doors with arches on top, European-style decorative motifs. It also registered the inventors of the telegraph and electricity industry.

The dome-shaped ceilings create a sense of surface, wide open. The large arch is supported by our-corner pillars, each supporting four iron trusses radiating four sides.

There are 14 telephone booths in the lobby. Previously, these boots were used to serve people and visitors. Currently visitors can only visit but not use.

To the right of the lobby is a map with the name “Saigon et ses environs 1892” showing geography of Saigon and the surrounding area.

Opposite the 1982 map is the map “Lignes téléraphiques du Cambodge du Sud in 1936” – showing the power lines of Vietnam and Cambodia in 1936.

The steel line (postal system) Saigon – Quy Nhon – Da Nang Hue – Vinh – Hanoi with a length of 2,000 km, was completed on March 22, 1888. In 1889, the Saigon – Bangkok (Thailand) telegraph line was opened to serve business people. From July 1, 1894, Saigon started using the telephone system.

Above the booths are watches that show the time zones of many major cities in the world.

The lamp hanging in the post office has an old style.

Over 3 centuries, the Central Post Office still operates normally with more than 30 service counters such as mailing, express delivery,… Along with Notre Dame Cathedral, Independence Palace, this place is crowed with visistors.

Mr. Criss (French tourist) first came to Vietnam, said the architecture here is very similar to some works in his country. “I am happy to see a French architectural building in Saigon. I sent a postcard to the family in Paris,” he said.

Located in the middle of the post office is a souvenir shop, which sells many handicraft products, postcards. This shop mainly serves foreign visitors.

Located at the bottom are four rows of wooden tables and chairs lined up to serve people who need to declare and record to send parcels and letters.

Alex, Laura (Germany) and Samantha (Spain) are first-time visitors to Ho Chi Minh City as well as visiting the Central Post Office. All three expressed admiration for the “art work”.

“We are very happy that you can keep a beautiful project like this. I will definitely tell my friends about this place when I come back to Germany,” Laura said.

The work is part of people’s memories in Saigon. Many young people, students also choose this place to take photos of yearbook or organize activities.