Myanmar is most famous for its magnificent temples and pagodas. Not many people are aware of the wonderful and unique nature of this country. And even lesser people know that Myanmar is such a great destination for trekking.

It is believed that the period from November to March is the best time to trek in Myanmar with nicer weather.


Lashio is not well-known as other destinations in Myanmar. However, any traveler to Lashio has to admit that it is one of the best places to trek as it has a beautiful waterfall, lakes, and forest. One of the appealing features of Lashio is that there are not many people know about this. Therefore, you can have all the great scenery to your own.


Hsipaw is one of the best destinations in Shan State. If you are going to visit the Inle Lake – the stunning lake which is also located in Shan State, you can extend your trip to Hsipaw and trekking here. Hsipaw has a wonderful nature and a rich culture of ethnic groups. If your next destination is Mandalay, you should definitely get on the train to get there.


Kalaw is another beautiful trekking trail in Shan State. It is one of most favored trekking trail in Myanmar.


Mindat is most famous for the women with face tattoos. It is a long tradition for women in this part of the country to cover their face in ink. Even the tradition is no longer allowed to pass on to the next generation, you can still meet some old ladies with their distinctive face tattoos. Not only being introduced to a unique culture, you also have a chance to see a wonderful natural landscape. The only way to get to Mindat is by bus which you can catch from Mandalay.