Unlike the energetic summer holiday in which people pump into beaches and exciting and crazy adventure, the winter holiday is the chance to go places where the life is slower to take a deep break in the winter coldness.
Here are some great suggestions for your winter holiday in Vietnam.
The town on the Western verge of the country is the most famous destination during the winter months. During winter months, the temperature can even fall below zero and snow could be seen in Sapa, which is a rare sight for a tropical country like Vietnam. Moreover, during the winter, Sapa becomes more breath-taking and mystical with foggy clouds embracing successive mountains and hills.

Ha Giang
Ha Giang is also a hot destination for winter traveling season. Ha Giang’s heart-melting scenery somehow resembles the one of Sapa as both ò them own the signature landscape of a mountainous area. However, Ha Giang is not at all eclipsed by Sapa: it has scored a great number of tourists during October and November with the stunning scenery of buckwheat blossom. Visiting Ha Giang during this time, you can taste so many great foods that people here especially make on the cold season.

Moc Chau
Moc Chau is a scenic plateau of the Northern Vietnam. During the winter month, the dreamy plateau falls into the thin layer of fog. The mustard field and tea plantation of Moc Chau become most glorious and stunning in these winter months. February and January are the time for peach and cherry plum to take over the plateau and turn it into a heaven on earth.

Da Lat
To the Southern part of Vietnam, we have a great representative: It’s Dalat. Dalat is famously known as “Sapa of the South” – a name that has significantly confirm its unique beauty.  As you might know, the South is the land of permanent summer, and Dalat is the only place where we could find a trace of the winter and enjoy the cool breath of winter. With an incredible landscape, Dalat is one of the most-visited destinations of the South during the winter months.