Tet Holiday or Lunar New Year is the most famous celebration in Vietnam. It is the special occasion to spend with family and friends. If you want to experience the Tet Holiday in Vietnam, here we give you the essential timeline of Tet what to do during these special moments.

Cúng Ông Công Ông Táo

This is a pre-Tet event in which people will pay respect to the Gods of the Kitchen (Ông Công and Ông Táo). The traditional belief has it that these Gods are assigned with the job of reporting the home affairs in each family to the Jade Emperor. Their journey to the Heaven will start on December 23rd of the Lunar New Year.

On this day, people will release the golden fish into the river. These fishes are believed to carry the Kitchen Gods to the heaven. You can participate in this ritual with the locals by going to the riverside.

Tất Niên

Tat Nien or the last day of the old year is one of the most participated moments of the year. People in Vietnam believe that before the New Year comes, all the tasks and incomplete works of the previous year. Therefore, this event could be considered as the ultimate deadline of the year for everyone. The day is also the time for family union party. If you can joy any party with the local family, it would be a precious experience for you.

Cúng Giao Thừa

On the night before the New Year, all families will make a tribute to their ancestors by displaying special dishes on the altar and praying for a new year of peace and fortune.

Also on the very last moment of a year, people in Vietnam also rush to the street and enjoy the firework show.


After all the preparations, Tet will arrive in the relief of everyone. After a year of working hard, Tet is a wonderful opportunity for celebrating and relaxing. During these days, Vietnamese will visit their relatives and spend time with families.

The first day of the New Year is for visiting the paternal side of the family, the second is for the maternal side, and the third day is for people to pay visits to their teachers.

During Tet, people also make time for visiting the pagodas and temples to wish for a new year of health, peace and wealth.

Tet is the most-appreciated time of the year. It also provides with a chance to have an insight into the local culture and customs.