Aza festival is held at the end of the year, when people have just finished harvest.

On the morning of December 20, Pa Ko people in A Nam village (Hong Van commune, A Luoi district, Hue) jointly organized the Aza traditional festival. This is the custom carried out at the end of the year when the harvest is finished.

People attending the festival will prepare offerings including rice, sticky rice, aquat cake, chicken, pork, plant seeds …


The indispensable item in the ritual is “tang hot” – flower made from bamboo and cloths (brocade). Every home wants to bring the most precious offerings to the gods.

The village patriarch is the representative of the families in the village to conduct the worshiping ceremony of Giang. They will ask for the new year abundant crops.

After worshiping at home, people bring offerings to the “house” to offer to the gods. This custom has been handed down for generations and still retains its identity.

Every house, though poor, must have a chicken at least.

Representatives of the lineages will bring offerings around the tree and offer offerings after being allowed by the village patriarch.

Representatives of families in A Nam village waited for their turn to bring offerings.

The offerings were brought into the house for the ceremony. Pa Ko people organized Aza festival to wish the new year to be full, everyone is healthy, their children study more progressively.

After the ceremony, the village elders and representatives of families will bless each other to show their solidarity.