Vietnam has become a favorite destination for a beach holiday with many stunning beaches. Fishing villages, therefore, is an alluring attraction and the highlight of Vietnam shore excursion. Here is the top of the most beautiful fishing villages in Vietnam that you should definitely visit if you want to explore the unique culture and lifestyle of a Vietnam fishing village.

  1. Cua Van Fishing Village, Quang Ninh Province

This village might be the most famous fishing village in Vietnam as it lies at the center of the famous Ha Long Bay – the world heritage recognized by UNESCO. Rarely there is anyone leaving the bay without visiting this village.
Cua Van village has been living on the water of Ha Long within the fabulous nature for hundred years. Today, people still maintain their living here. You can see the great picture of human life and nature intertwining harmoniously and charmingly. People of Cua Van Village live on floating houses and make living mostly by fishing and doing tourist services.

It is also a must-see attraction for travelers on their tour to Ha Long Bay.

  1. Cai Beo Fishing Village, Hai Phong City

Cai Beo Fishing Village in Hai Phong is also a floating village just like in Cua Van Village. However, one difference is that the background landscape in Cai Beo is not as spectacular as in Ha Long Bay. However, to compensate, the village is less crowded and tourism-oriented. You could have more chance to explore the true taste of a Vietnamese fishing village. As Hai Phong is popular for its delicious food, it is highly recommended to try seafood of this destination,

  1. Thanh Nam Fishing Village, Hoi An City

Near the iconic ancient town of Hoi An is Thanh Nam Fishing Village. It is one of the most-chosen attractions for many travelers on their tour to Hoi An. Thanh Nam Village is located on Thanh Nam Island. It is also an ideal place to have a daily bike tour to venture all the idyllic and slow-paced rural lifestyle. With an easy and relaxing vibe, Thanh Nam fishing Village is a wonderful attraction that you should not miss while traveling to Hoi An.

  1. Lang Co Fishing Village, Hue City

Near the imperial capital of Vietnam is the tranquil and peaceful fishing village of Lang Co. Lang Co is a stunning lagoon located near Hai Van Pass. Together, they make one of the most wonderful and worth traveling trail in Vietnam. Lang Co Lagoon boasts not only an incredible nature but also a captivating scene of a fishing village. The time doesn’t seem to pass in Lang Co.

  1. Mui Ne Fishing Village, Phan Thiet City

Mui Ne is one of the best beaches in Vietnam. Moreover, the beach of Mui Ne also has one of the most charming and vibrant fishing villages in Vietnam. Thousands of colorful coracles floating on the crystal clear water create breath-taking and picturesque scenery peculiar to this Mui Ne Beach. The sunset is spectacular on the village but it is the early morning that you can learn the most about the locals and fishing life.

  1. Ham Ninh Fishing Village, Phu Quoc Island

Phu Quoc is one of the most beautiful beach destinations in Vietnam. Owning a stunning beach, Ham Ninh obviously becomes even more attractive.