Southeast Asia is the hub of great street foods, which has become the reason why a huge number of tourists choose to visit the region every year. Besides the mouth-watering savory foods, Southeast Asian cuisine also marks its name as the place of birth to the weirdest foods on earth. Some of them would take a lot of courage and quite degree of openness to try.

Tarantula – Fried spiders

This shocking dish could be found on many streets of Cambodia. It is an ultimate challenge people who are terrified of spiders. Despite its outrageous look, fried spiders are actually a nice dish. After cleaned, spiders are soaked in milk and then, deep-fried. If you can get over the idea of eating a spider and enjoy it for food’s sake, you can find the dish very enjoyable and tasty.


This nocturnal animal is considered the symbol of bad luck and evil in the West. But for people in Indonesia, bats could be cookable materials. Simmered or deep-fried, bats are the specialty in Cambodia.

Coconut lava

This type of lava lives inside coconut trunks. The fact that people would eat lavas sounds bizarre enough but that isn’t all: the lavas are eaten alive while they are still moving and churning. Lavas are dipped into fish sauce and eaten the right way. Your instinct might resist you from trying it; however, it would be really rewarding and absolutely worth trying.

Goong ten

Now, we will come to Thailand – the well-known food attraction of Southeast Asia. Goong ten is kind of shrimp salad which shares one common feature with đuông dừa from Vietnam: both are eaten alive. The living shrimps are mixed with fish sauce, coriander, chili and lime juice.

Fried scorpion

The terrifying animal is no longer a symbol of horror and disgust; instead, it is presented in the dining table as a food. Deep-fried scorpions are in great company with liquor. It is also a favorite snack on the sidewalk. You can find it in Thailand, Malaysia or Cambodia.

Blood pudding

The cuisine of Southeast Asia hits a new level of weirdness with the fresh animal blood pudding. Fresh blood is added to chopped meat and herbs. It is a widely-favored food in Vietnam. For the sake of hygiene, if you want to know how it feels to be a vampire, only eat the blood pudding in trustable restaurants.

Rat meat

The availability of rats could turn into something useful for Southeast Asians. The locals love rat meat as they are cheap, available and actually taste well. However, rats are also known as the source of deadly disease. Therefore, some people would immediately give this dish a big no.

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