Vietnam has an agriculture with a strong focus on rice. Rice is irreplaceable on the dining table. It is also the main source of daily nutrient for Vietnamese. The importance of rice is perfectly reflected through Vietnamese cuisine: there are a lot of dishes are made from rice: bún (vermicelli), phở, xôi, cơm, bánh. The most basic one is cơm – cooked rice; and even this basic dish is not at all basic due to a lot of varieties besides the common plain cơm that Vietnamese eat on regular basis.

Here are some famous com that you should try.

Cơm Lam

Cơm Lam is the national-famous dish. Originated from the highland of Vietnam, Cơm Lam is carefully-made with a very intricate recipe. It is the fusion of natural ingredients which reflects the Vietnamese philosophy of life and food. To make this dish, people use things that related to the five main elements of life: wood, fire, water, and soil. Empty bamboo trunks arefilled with water and rice, after that, it is cooked over the fire. With a charming taste and aura, it is very favored by all Vietnamese.

Cơm Nị

Cơm Nị is a traditional dish of Khmer people in Vietnam. Rice is cooked with turmeric and added with curry and perrilla as well as shrimps. It is usually served with cà púa which is beef cooked with coconut juice, curry, onion, and chili. You can try this dish while having a trip to Mekong Delta area, especially in Long Giang.

Cơm Cháy

Com Chay, this dish is referred to over-cooked rice. The cooking process is particularly specific to make burnt rice, at the same time, keep it aromatic and not turning brown. After cooked, cooked rice is parched till it gets crunchy. You should keep it under the non-moisture condition. You have to stir-fry it first and then eat with other dishes.

Cơm Hến

Com Hen is a no-brainer for a trip to Hue. Com Hen is a heavenly mixture of a lot of ingredients. It takes around ten different ingredients to make a bowl of com hen. Com Hen is a true treasure of the Hue cuisine which can be found in every corner of the city with a guaranteed quality.

Cơm tấm

Cơm tấm is a popular dish in the southern part of Vietnam. The main ingredient is broken rice. After cooked, it usually served with ribs, Vietnamese sausage, omelet, and sweet fish sauce, which is the mixture of fish sauce, water, and sugar. Now, cơm tấm could be found in every part of the country.

Cơm dừa

This is another dishes coming from the Southern part of Vietnam. Instead of using a pan or cooker, people put rice into the empty coconut shell and then cooked with coconut meat than this coconut shell is steamed. If you love the flavor of coconut, this is definitely the dish for you.

Even though it is not as popular as pho, banh mi to tourists but, in fact, rice is the core of the Vietnamese cuisine. A wise and knowledgeable traveler should never skip com on their trip in Vietnam. Frankly, without trying any kind of cơm, you could hardly acclaim that you know Vietnamese cuisine well.