Southeast Asia is an appealing destination for travelers who desire thrilling experiences and exploring a different lifestyle. Being aware that it would be much more different than your familiar habitat, you should, at least, make a small research to grasp a general view of what is going to happen, and what to prepare before hitting the road. Here are some tips that you should always keep in mind to have a wonderful trip to Southeast, without being interrupted by some preventable nuisance.

You can leave everything behind, but not wet wipes.

In Southeast Asia, toilet paper is not always available in every toilet. It is really hard to figure out how could the locals survive through all of this, but, at least, you can prevent falling into hot water, sitting still in the toilet room regretting and wondering what did you do to deserve this?


Whenever you buy anything on the streets and local market, do bargain. Even the locals do the bargaining when shopping, so do you. Sellers will rocket the markup to an unreasonable price. But don’t worry, bargaining is part of the business, and you will soon get to know how much is appropriate.

If anyone approaches you, especially in touristy places, you should be careful. Scamming is unease problem within the tourism, not just South Asia. It is really heart-touching to see people in a new environment, a new country approaching you with a big smile; however, you might lose yours as you find out they are trying to rip you off. Actually, you can let your guard down if you get out of the tourism zone as people who might have no economic drive on approaching you.

Adapting to the tropical weather is not an easy cake, let alone digesting new food even food without guarantee of the quality. First, don’t fool yourself into untidy-looking vendors or food stalls. You need experience but not risking your health and your precious moment of traveling. Secondly, to make sure, let the locals to guide you on a food tour. They will know where to eat, where is safe to eat and which places to avoid. However, you might still expect a random moment of churning stomach, as everyone does if they are on the road and trying street food. For a more choice, you should go to restaurants.

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With these in mind, you are ready to set your foot on the go.